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Steve Bannon Issues Warning to Trump Supporters

In a fiery address to Donald Trump’s base, Steve Bannon delivered a reality check to those confident in the former President’s victory in the upcoming November elections. During his broadcast, Bannon emphasized that nothing is certain and urged supporters to stay vigilant and proactive.

“People associated with the campaign, people watch this show, people out there in the Republican Party listen to these pundits and listen to these pollsters right now. This thing hangs in the balance. Do not think it is a given that we’re going to win in November. Every day is about your agency and your action on everybody from the President all the way down,” Bannon declared.

His remarks come at a critical time as David Pecker, a key witness and a longtime associate of Trump, testified on Thursday, potentially throwing a wrench into the prosecution’s strategy. Pecker, the former head of the media company that owns the National Enquirer, was called to the stand by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg to discuss transactions surrounding hush money payments.

The core of the allegations against Trump is that he falsified business records to conceal reimbursements made to his former lawyer, Michael Cohen, for payments intended to suppress claims by adult film actress Stormy Daniels.

These payments, prosecutors argue, were aimed at shielding Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign from damaging revelations about his personal life, including the infamous “Access Hollywood” tape.

Bannon further criticized the legal proceedings, suggesting that they serve more as a distraction than a pursuit of justice. “Not look at the [situation] have him in a courtroom with a complete made-up joke that people are sitting there going what is this even about because they know law-fare works. They have him off the campaign trail and they’re gonna have him off for a while,” he stated.

Regarding Pecker’s testimony, Bannon voiced skepticism about the efficiency and motives behind the proceedings, hinting at strategic delays. “They’re dragging it out. At first I think I run the tables, I don’t say they’re dragging it out. One of the reasons is they need Trump off the campaign trail.”

Prosecutors are attempting to demonstrate that Trump’s actions constituted falsification of business records in furtherance of another crime, specifically citing a New York law against conspiracy to promote or prevent election outcomes. This law forms the basis of the allegation that the falsified records were part of an effort to illicitly influence the election.

Pecker is known for his significant role in the media industry, particularly through his involvement with American Media Inc. (AMI), which is the publisher of various tabloid magazines including the National Enquirer. Pecker served as the CEO of AMI and has been a notable figure due to the company’s practice of “catch and kill,” which involves purchasing the rights to potentially damaging stories about celebrities or public figures and then not publishing them, effectively keeping the stories out of the public spotlight.

“He’s been very nice. David’s been very nice. He’s a nice guy,” Trump said to reporters while interacting with construction crews in the city early Thursday morning.


  • Tank says:

    My question is if Stormy Daniel’s received so said monies then why isn’t she charged withe tax fraud or where and when where the taxes paid on these monies.

  • Laurie says:

    Last night I watched a movie on bannon a channel DOcS called American Durham, omg it was so great . Trumps part at beginning. Breitbart and history of films & bannon life. So good you will love it.



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