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‘Sound of Freedom’ Actor Jim Caviezel Responds to Media Attacks

Jim Caviezel, star of the movie “Sound of Freedom,” made striking remarks about media backlash toward the film in a recent interview with the movie studio’s CEO.

“At least they broke their silence. It means they can’t ignore this issue; they cannot ignore it,” the actor said, as reported by Breitbart. “They’re scared. Quaking in their boots. And it’s because the public are listening to their hearts, which is what this film tells you to do.”

The film, which is based on a true story of a Department of Homeland Security agent regarding the realities of child trafficking, blew past box office expectations on its July 4, 2023 release date. The movie surprised critics by beating the latest “Indiana Jones” installment and was expected to reach $20 million over the first six days of its release.

The movie had more than doubled that benchmark after six days in theaters, reaching nearly $46 million as of July 10, 2023, according to Box Office Mojo.

Despite the movie’s success, certain media outlets have lambasted the film with bizarre narratives.

Rolling Stone published an article titled “‘Sound Of Freedom’ Is a Superhero Movie for Dads With Brainworms.” The article featured the sub-headline, “The QAnon-tinged thriller about child-trafficking is designed to appeal to the conscience of a conspiracy-addled boomer.”

The Guardian featured the headline “‘Sound of Freedom’: the QAnon-adjacent thriller seducing America.” The outlet added that the funding for the film came from an “unsavory network of astroturfed boosterism among the far-right fringe, a constellation of paranoids now attempting to spin a cause célèbre out of a movie with vaguely simpatico leanings.”

As well, the Washington Post claimed that Caviezel “has openly embraced” QAnon ideas, but admitted that the film “doesn’t depict anything close to QAnon conspiracy fantasies.”

Caviezel responded to media attacks by saying, “When there is evil, real evil in the world, and when love is in your heart, boy, evil is just a coward to God.”

“Sound of Freedom” is a true story surrounding former Homeland Security Agent Tim Ballard, who founded Operation Underground Railroad in 2013. The operation has reportedly conducted several sting operations to rescue children, some of whom were outside the United States.

  • Waldo says:

    I saw the movie and there was nothing even remotely “Q” about it. Just facts!

    The only people blasting this movie must be pedophiles!

    Kill all pedos!

  • Jack Tripper says:

    When some one attacks a movie that sends a good solid moral storyline, you know that they are controlled by demons. They are godless slugs with no love within them. They lash out at anything that might bring any sense of goodness to mankind. They are evil, and they reside in the Democrat Party.

  • Cheryl says:

    Just like in communist Germany, they needed the children. Same is right now. They are keeping the borders, wide open, letting THOUSANDS of illegals through to get to the children. Our children AND theirs. Parents and Grandparents, Aunts & Uncles, DO NOT let your children out of your sight! DO NOT allow ANYone to take rule over your child!!!

  • Grant says:

    The Left hate anything like this, they are full of paedo’s, led by paedo-in-chief, Creepy Joe. We have a paedo loving MP in the British Parliament, Harriet Harman, who openly supported the PIE.

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