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‘Something Bad’s Coming’: Tucker Carlson Warns America Is on the ‘Brink of Collapse’

Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson gave a sharp speech at the annual Daily Caller News Foundation Gala on Tuesday where he warned that America’s current trajectory could lead to its possible downfall.

“If something really dramatic in your country happens — like young people can’t, I don’t know, get married, you know, or buy houses or have any hope for a future that approaches, you know, the middle class upbringing they had — then you’ve got a huge problem and someone should be responding to that,” Carlson said.

“And if your economy is like on the brink of collapse, you know, if your country is literally bankrupt, I hope someone would say that.”

“Or how about this? Let’s start with pretending you care. But you know what doesn’t work? Saying we’re going to spend $100 billion in other countries,” Carlson stated.

In his speech, Carlson alluded to the amount of funding the U.S. has provided overseas, specifically towards the Ukraine-Russia war. The Biden administration and Congress, so far, have already provided Ukraine with $113 billion in aid, according to a Center for Strategic and International Studies report.

“And I don’t care how virtuous the case those countries make is, and I don’t care how much I personally may agree or disagree with what those countries are doing — that is immaterial. The job, the moral duty of the people running a country is to look out for the people in that country, period.”

“When every person, 350 million Americans, everyone regardless of political affiliation can feel that something bad’s coming. Everybody knows that,” Carlson stated. “I mean, if you’ve been to church once in the last year, have you thought about the end times recently? Yes, you have … because you can feel that abrupt change is coming and that’s very disconcerting.”

The administration has also recently asked Congress to pass an aid package of nearly $106 billion focusing the majority of funding towards Ukraine and splitting the rest between Israel, the Indo-Pacific region, and the U.S. border, according to Reuters.

However, House Republicans pushed back on the proposal with California Rep. Mike Garcia calling out the lack of strategy on Ukraine, adding there was “no exit” to the war.

Carlson continued to discuss the border crisis the U.S. has been facing, hitting on the record numbers of migrants entering the country illegally.

“At the very same moment that American society is more fractured — our social fabric is in tatters and we’ve let in millions upon millions of people who have no affinity for the United States, who are merely here for the economic benefits,” Carlson continued. “Which by the way is not all bad — and I think a lot of them are good people, I’m not attacking them. I’m merely saying their addition does not make us a more cohesive country, it makes it a far less cohesive country.”

Arrests made at the southern border have increased by more than 26%, with border patrol arresting more than 15,000 criminals within the fiscal year of 2023, according to federal data.

  • T-Bilt says:

    Tucker is sharing a glaring glimpse of the obvious… anyone with half a brain knows the feds are way out of control with many, many of the pigliticians only interested in spending more so they can siphon off their perceived fare share… nothing but grifters in DC.
    The Lord will return when He does… like a thief in the night. America will continue to decline and become weaker regardless. If they stays on this screw America first path.

  • Dorothy says:

    Tucker speaks the truth as usual. We can feel the country slipping into a chaotic atmosphere. Ever since the Biden Administration was put in the White House. The Democrats and elitists do not care what happens to this country anymore. They just sit back and enjoy their money. Most of the Democrats are evil. Get Rashida from office because she starts fights and everything else against our country. Send her back to her own country where she belongs. These morons opened our Southern Border and why?

  • Interesting Truths says:

    Good Read, And yes it’s the beginning of Corporate take over with the false Hope’s to Control a civilized Society. Because true Americans will revolt. And this will be the end of Days in full view. WYKYK

  • Ruger1 says:

    “Arrests made at the southern border have increased by more than 26%, with border patrol arresting more than 15,000 criminals within the fiscal year of 2023, according to federal data.”

    Really??? That Number Had to be Bullshit!!! Cause the Pictures and Videos I’ve Seen…. They’re Holding the Door Wide Open for the Illegal’s, Hell Even Cutting the Fences, Removing the Floating Barricades, and Removing the Stacked Semi – Containers, That Were All Put There Too Keep Out the Invading Armies!!!!!

    And That Is What They Are, It’s Not a Refugee Crisis… It’s an Invasion of Our Country… When 90% Of the Invading Population Is Military Aged Male’s… We Have Been Invaded… It’s All Just a Matter of Time, Before the Fireworks Start!!!!

    Hope Everyone is Well Protected, Well Supplied and Have Plenty of Freedom Seeds.. When the SHTF!!!!

    #FJB, His Handler’s and Everyone Who Voted for This Shit Show!!!!

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