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Socialists Want to Hit New Yorkers with New ‘Migrant Taxes’

Socialist state lawmakers are itching to impose new tax increases to cover the ever-increasing cost of migrants in the Big Apple — insisting that forcing New Yorkers to pay even more is the only way out of the mushrooming crisis.

Two state senators told The Post new taxes were on the table, while their grassroots cadres have buzzed on social media.

“We should increase taxes because it’s economically just policy to offset all costs for our state to function,” said state Sen. Julia Salazar (D-Brooklyn).

“I’d say that even if our city and state hadn’t seen an increase in migrants seeking asylum, this moment makes it all the more important for the wealthy to pay their fair share of taxes.”

Salazar noted that in 2021 the state passed a slew of tax increases on high earners — which she lamented would sunset instead of becoming permanent.

Her tax-happy sentiments were echoed by Senate comrade Jabari Brisport (D-Brooklyn).

“We’re still organizing to tax the rich through the same revenue-raising bills we’ve been fighting for for years,” he said.

The renewed tax fever comes after Mayor Adams last week ordered that all city agencies must slash their budgets by 5%, and possibly by up to 15% in the future, to help accommodate the migrant surge.

Adams has said that caring for migrants will cost $12 billion over the next three years.

Left-wing Dems have derided cutting services to pay for migrants as a false choice.

“A reminder: This is a choice. We are cutting services for New Yorkers when we could #TaxTheRich. Don’t blame migrants for lack of leadership,” said Brian Romero, chief of staff to socialist Queens Assemblywoman Jessica González-Rojas, in response to the cuts.

González-Rojas publicly offered to accept all new migrant shelters into her Queens district in a Zoom call with lawmakers last month — something she has not followed up on.

Most taxes New Yorkers pay would come at the state level and would require the approval of Gov. Hochul.

If not the income tax directly, Albany pols could opt to hike levies on alcohol, hotels, cigarettes, and other items.

Critics said tax hikes are the wrong approach.

“They will raise the tax on just about anything you can think of that moves or walks. And quite frankly continue the outer migration of people to Florida,” said Rob Cole, a longtime aide to former Gov. George Pataki.

Republicans in Albany — long languishing in the minority — would have little power to stop any new increases that won the support of the Democratic Party.

For now, the governor said she’s not considering new taxes.

“Governor Hochul passed two balanced budgets without raising income taxes, and intends to do the same for Fiscal Year 2025,” her spokesman Avi Small told The Post.

  • Sandy^ says:

    You get what you vote for. Where are the term limits. They do not want you to talk about that. Start demanding Term Limits.

  • Sicsam says:

    Adams, AOC, SCHUMER and HOCHUL are not doing their jobs! Get rid of them. Yes, all illegals should be sent to NY!



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