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Scammers Steal Shopper’s Credit Card at Walmart’s Self-Checkout Counter in Elaborate Scheme

A scamming trio was caught on surveillance footage stealing an unsuspecting victim’s credit card in a sleight-of-hand moment while at a Colorado Walmart self-checkout station.

The scheme involves the suspects targeting a customer who is about to leave the store, according to a video released by the Arvada Police Department.

One of the thieves, who had been standing near a vending machine, dropped money next to where the man was checking out from the retail store.

As the thief handed the man his money, he steals a credit card out of the wallet while a woman directs the man to look in a different direction.

Following the deception, the unidentified man reported fraudulent charges from the same Walmart they were shopping at — totaling a staggering $1,994, according to police.

Arvada is about 10 miles outside of central Denver.

Credit card scams and thefts at Walmarts are a common trend in Centennial State.

In March 2022, Three men were accused of using 15 or more credit card skimming devices at multiple Walmart stores in Colorado — with the string of thievery extending to Illinois, Minnesota, and Wisconsin, according to 9 News.

The outlet reported the men stole thousands of credit cards, debit cards, and gift card numbers from the locations beginning in December 2021.

The men are suspected of using overlay skimmers, which can mimic credit card machines and point-of-sale devices to obtain the account holders’ numbers, expiration dates, and names.

The men collected “access to at least 7,873 personal credit card numbers, gift card numbers, and debit card numbers,” with the skimming device even being Bluetooth enabled, the outlet reported.

This month, in Fulton, NY, state troopers reported finding a device to steal credit card information that was secretly put on a checkout register at Walmart, according to

An employee at the Walmart location discovered the device on July 5, with police believing it was installed on July 2.

“It’s pretty gutsy,” State Trooper Jack Keller told the outlet, saying these skimmers are usually not placed in such a public place and are often found in areas with less traffic at ATMs or registers.

  • Gramm says:

    Sorry, but not sorry, I refuse to use the self checkout. I’m not being paid by the stores to do my own checkout. I’m not going to take someone’s job that could be doing the job and taking care of their family. I agree with ThePeopleArePissed, don’t use self checkout anywhere!!

  • Jim says:

    Hang them.

    Time to go back to old west style of Justice.

  • Auntie Vyris® says:

    I would cry not one tear if one of these effers took a round to the eyehole.

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