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Biden’s Graduation Speech Full of Head-Scratching Moments as Some Students Turn Their Backs on Him

President Biden delivered the commencement address at Morehouse College in Atlanta on Sunday, his first appearance on a college campus amid widespread unrest and anti-Israel protests.

Biden’s speech touched on everything from his history serving as vice president under President Obama to the war in Israel and campus protests.

Here are some of the most notable moments from Biden’s appearance.

Racial accusation

Speaking at Morehouse, a historically Black college, Biden used the opportunity to address Black voters in particular. He said students there have to “be 10 times better than anybody else just to get a fair shot” and that Republicans are not accepting of Black people.

“They don’t see you in the future of America. But they’re wrong,” Biden said.

Biden applauds demand for cease-fire in Gaza

Biden’s first newsworthy moment of the day came when one of the graduates was delivering his own address. During the speech, the student called for an “immediate and permanent” cease-fire in Gaza. Behind him, Biden could be seen clapping for the idea.

The moment was the first clue to the contents of Biden’s address, as he would later go on to unequivocally call for Israel to impose an “immediate” cease-fire. He also endorsed a two-state solution as “the only solution.”

Biden revives old, misleading Georgia elections claim

Biden took a swipe at Georgia’s election laws at one point in his speech, reviving a misleading claim that voters are banned from receiving food and water while in line at polling places.

“Today in Georgia, they won’t allow water to be available to you while you wait in line to vote in an election. What in the hell is that all about?” Biden said.

The line was in reference to a Georgia law prohibiting poll workers and others from actively distributing water or food to voters within 150 feet of a polling place. The law allows poll workers to provide self-service water from an unattended receptacle within 150 feet of a polling place, however.

The law has been the focus of years of Democrat criticism against a recent Republican-led overhaul of Georgia’s election laws.

Some students turned their backs on Biden

A smattering of Morehouse students and faculty protested Biden’s speech by turning their backs on him for the duration of the speech.

The protest was not widespread, however, and those participating did not disrupt his address beyond showing their backs. The small protest was a reminder of the continued unrest at college campuses across the country, however, where anti-Israel protests have forced some universities to cancel their commencement ceremonies altogether.

Prior to Biden’s address, some students had urged the college to rescind his invitation. A group of hundreds of alumni also wrote a letter to the college saying Biden should not be the commencement speaker.

“I think it’s kind of insulting that our star alumnus is Dr. King, but Biden has been on a tirade in the Middle East,” one student, DeAngelo Fletcher, told NPR. “Bringing him here, especially during an election year… to get the young Black vote especially, it’s kind of insulting.”

  • Big D says:

    Foaming at the mouth as he foments hate in an absolutely imbecilic attempt to garner votes. He was bid – bye bye biden decades ago as his lies and perversions became evident. But selling a-soul is S.O.P. in the devil’s dc

  • John sweet says:

    To bad he was not on a diplomatic meeting and flying with the Iranian president!

  • Meee says:

    Biden was giving a Political Speech for Re-election. Not to give them hope for the future. To inspire them to do big and better things. That one day the USA will be in their hands and how will they do. It is real sad that the power in that school chose Biden. Biden clamping for a cease fire is disgusting. Who is paying him to make sure Israel falls? Israel is our biggest ally in the Middle East. . They supported anything we needed to do after 9 11. If Israel does not stop these terrorist there they will come here if they are not already here to bomb us. USA does not live with her enemies bombing her every day by the hundreds. The citizens have not a clue what is it like to live under that fear. Well, you just might get that chance if Biden is re-elected. Biden has let in every criminal from other nations. Now we have Chinese flowing into the USA. CHINA does NOT let their citizens go. They are here to get to us from within. For the imbeciles supporting Hamas and terrorism, you are not a citizen of the USA. You can’t be. You are for everything that the USA is against. If you love Hamas and terrorism so much, please go and live there. Your eyes must be opened to the truth, and it seems a video did not do that, so go and experience it. You insult every America that has fought and died for your freedom only to slap them all in the face. Biden is a Communist and is working, so America is a socialist country. Many young people like that idea of laying on the couch and getting a little bit of money from the government. Again, they are imbeciles. They need to go and experience a Socialist Country. You own nothing, you are told what to do and when, you are spied on all the time, they can knock down your door for not reason, no computers that are linked to the world, no TV except government run shows and news, food is not always available and more. All the money goes to the person running things, like Biden gets now. Graduates, you need to be very afraid because your futures are not certain anymore.



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