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Argentina President Javier Milei Causes Leftist Meltdown in Europe While Ripping ‘Satanic’ Socialism

Argentina President Javier Milei riled the far-Left in Spain late this week while he visited the country and slammed their political ideology as cancerous and evil.

During his first speech in the country on Friday, the right-wing libertarian political leader and economist said: “Let us not let the dark, black, satanic, atrocious, horrible carcinogenic side that is socialism prevail over us.”

Far-left Spanish Labour Minister Yolanda Diaz, who is also a deputy prime minister, had accused Milei of spreading “hate” with his freedom-loving ideas.

“There aren’t many who sow hate, but they make a lot of noise and flood everything,” said Diaz.

“Milei and other governments of hate are back with their austerity measures and authoritarianism.”

Milei said that his policies were putting his country back on track after being on “a decline of more than 100 years”.

Milei has made major cuts to the country’s spending and cut the size of its government, along with other measures, which have resulted in its inflation rate plummeting and the government recording surpluses for the first time in nearly two decades.

Prior to his visit to Spain, Spanish Transport Minister Oscar Puente insulted Milei, claiming that he was using drugs.

Milei’s office responded to “the slander and insults” from Puente by slamming the government of socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, saying that it had “more important problems than what to deal with, such as the accusations of corruption that fall on his wife, an issue that even led him to evaluate his resignation.”

“For the good of the Kingdom of Spain, we hope that justice acts quickly to clarify such a corruption scandal that directly affects stability of his Nation and, consequently, the relations with our country,” the statement said.

The statement slammed the socialist government for putting women at risk by allowing hoards of illegal immigrants in and endangering the middle class with socialist policies that “only bring poverty and death.”

  • John sweet says:

    The last paragraph sure sounds like our Congressional effectiveness, and simultaneously similar evidence that of what does not work!

  • Meee says:

    Argentina President Javier Milei has seen his once beautiful country decline economically. It has the highest inflation and despair. He has his work cut out for him. I hope he does it and makes their economy great again, then the people will prosper too.



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