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Republican Wins IA House Election By 11 Votes After Recount

Iowa’s House District 81 race has been nothing short of chaotic.

After a series of four recounts, Republican Luana Stoltenberg has officially defeated Democrat Craig Cooper for Iowa’s House District 81 seat.

Per ABC affiliate WQAD, the recount board carried out both a machine recount and a hand recount.

The machine recount declared Democrat Craig Cooper as the winner.

However, a hand recount revealed Stoltenberg won the race by 11 votes garnering 5,073 votes to Cooper’s 5,062 votes.

WQAD reported:

Despite Cooper winning the machine recount, Tompkins said Iowa law dictates that the recount board can choose which results to use when certifying their report. That’s why the recount board chose to certify the hand count instead of the machine count, deeming Stoltenberg the winner.

In her administrative recount report to the Iowa Secretary of State’s Office on Wednesday, Tompkins cited issues with machines jamming during counting.

Democrat Craig Cooper accepted his defeat and, in a Facebook post, congratulated Stoltenberg on her big win.

In a separate comment, Republican winner Stoltenberg expressed she’s still in disbelief and advocated for hand recounts to override machine recounts in the future.

  • EZ says:

    need to burn these democrats, their mail in ballots, drop boxes and soros machines all at the stake

  • Zeynep Karakurt Ozman says:

    We will have a General Election on June 23, 2023 in Turkey. We will all go to the Polling Stations on that specific day and hand out our votes in front of a multiple committee. If we make any mistake in filling the papers, we will lose our right to VOTE. It is as simple as this. Voting starts at 7.00 am and ends at about 7.00 pm. The same night they declare the results. In 2024 Election you need to follow our system. It is perfect.

  • Karen says:

    These machines have been a problem for a long time, lose them, election day is 1 day, no harvesting and very limited mail in in ballots sent out to people in military and if application is sent in to board of elections proving that due to a physical disability a person can’t get to their voting place, hand counts must be done ,always whenever a race is close , one vote can make a difference!!!



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