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Planet Fitness Stock Plunges After Boycott Over Transgender Incident

After a Planet Fitness in Alaska canceled a woman’s membership when she reportedly photographed a “man in the women’s locker room,” the company lost roughly 15% of its stock price in less than two weeks.

On March 7, the company’s stock price stood at $66.92 on March 7, but by March 19 it had dropped to $56.46, The New York Post reported.

Patricia Silva posted a Facebook video in which she stated, “Good day. I just wanted to say I came out of Planet Fitness and there is a man who is shaving in a women’s bathroom. I realize he wants to be a woman; he gets to be a woman; I love him in Christ. He’s a spiritual being having a human experience; he doesn’t like his gender so he wants to be a woman, but I’m not comfortable shaving in my bathroom. All right, just thought I’d say it out loud.”

She also posted a description of the incident on social media, as The Daily Mail reported:

“I went to planet fitness… Walked in the bathroom, and there stands a MAN shaving… I looked at him, said ‘hey’ … he looked up… and I said, ‘You are a man shaving in the women’s bathroom, and I am not OK with that.’”

“He replied… ‘Well, I’m LGB…’”

“Whatever that is… nevertheless, I told him ‘You’re a MAN and you’re invading my space!’”

“He wanted to argue to justify why he can be there… I walked away… “

“I stepped out of the locker room and loudly asked the front desk, ‘Are you aware that there is a MAN shaving in the women’s bathroom… I’m not OK with that!?‘ The two men standing at the desk, put their heads down, and their tails between their legs! As I was walking out the door…at my back, a woman shouts ‘it’s a girl’… I shouted back ‘it’s a man!”’

On March 13, Silva wrote, “I received a call this morning at 8:55 AM from Samantha at Planet Fitness announcing that they have chosen to cancel my membership rather than protect youth girls and women 12 years and older that enter the women’s locker room from men with a penis. Instead, they defended the man with the penis, who was shaving in the women’s locker room. Despicable.”

Silva wrote after her membership was canceled, “This morning I got canceled. Planet Fitness is defending the man in the women’s locker room, the man with a penis, rather than the child sitting in the corner with a towel wrapped around her … The little girl was freaked out that the man was there. I took a picture of him and asked him why he was there. You’re a man with a penis – you shouldn’t be there. So I just want you to know. This is weird. It’s not good. It’s rather disturbing. I would like for you women to stand up and stop these shenanigans. Use your authority. I took that picture because I felt like I was in an unsafe space so I am going to report this to the police today. I want to tell Samantha and Joe that work there – thank you for cancelling my membership. You saved me a trip.”

A Planet Fitness spokesman defended the cancellation of Silva’s membership, saying, “As the home of the Judgement Free Zone, Planet Fitness is committed to creating an inclusive environment … Our gender identity non-discrimination policy states that members and guests may use the gym facilities that best align with their sincere, self-reported gender identity. The member who posted on social media violated our mobile device policy that prohibits taking photos of individuals in the locker room, which resulted in their membership being terminated.”

  • eddie says:

    Wow, what an ignorant, woke decision. Hope you can withstand the $$$$ losses!! Stupid is as stupid does!

  • BrianT says:

    This is good to know. I will NEVER Use Planet Fitness JUST because of their inability to defend women’s Rights, putting some man with a mental illness before normal women’s rights for safety and privacy. A Blatten disregard for REAL Women … and a catoring to the sick and metally ill. #BOYCOTTPlanetFinteness

  • Lynda says:

    I think they should all be closed!! That place is full of perverts!!

  • Chris Cross says:

    In their feeble attempt to take the “higher ground” by defending a sick pedophile trans freak, they are destroying their business. When all the normal people leave maybe they can continue their business by opening their business exclusively to “freaks only”.



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