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NYPD Forced to Pay Out $13.7 Million to George Floyd Rioters for ‘Violating’ Their Rights

On Wednesday, the City of New York settled a class-action lawsuit filed at Federal District Court in Manhattan by George Floyd rioters, agreeing to pay $13.7 million in damages.

The plaintiffs claimed that members of the New York Police Department had “violated” their rights via the use of “unlawful” tactics.

According to the New York Times, under the terms of the settlement, the city would pay around $10,000 to each of the 1,380 people who were “arrested and/or subjected to force by NYPD officers” during the 2020 riots in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

While a number of those involved in the class action lawsuit had been arrested, many were not, and simply claimed that they had had the ability to exercise their First Amendment rights impeded.

In an interview with Business Insider, lead attorney for the plaintiffs, Elena Cohen, said the goal of the lawsuit was to protect peoples’ rights.

“This is about people in New York City being able to protest, being able to be in the streets, being able to say what they think about the government,” she said, “and to do it without being afraid that they’re going to be physically hurt.”

Lawyers for the city argued that the protests were often not peaceful, highlighting that some “devolved to looting and rioting.”

“Protesters set police cars ablaze; vandalized precinct houses; threw rocks, bricks, bottles at officers; stabbed, punched, bit officers; and hurled Molotov cocktails at officers,” they added.

  • bonnie says:

    It is a shame all these peaceful rioters were not forced to read the rise and fall of the Roman Empire! It they had they would know that they are participating in the destruction of the very bread basket that they are demanding!

  • John says:

    This is exactly why Babylon will fall first because it’s the mentally ill pedophile, illegal criminal coddling and tranny sexual perverted predator capitol of gang cartel illegals, & child trafficking, fentanyl dealing Criminal demons in this corrupted Democrat communist weaponized Banana Republic takeover fake Gov fake news will project those demons as good heroic people, funded by the luciferian worshiping Democrat government , while the good people will be made out by the fake news communist media as the evil ones, and the lies and deception will be propagated by the European Euro trash fake news communist Antichrist N W.O. SATANIC LEADERS will be paid to tell America people what to do, think, say , act, eat , & belive in very soon through the UN and EU luciferian party of Global fascist, this is why “new jerkoffastan” state of Babylon will fall first, upon this fraudulently elected rich global commie eletist government, just in time for the Chinese Russian & Middle East conflict tag team starts threatening & approaching the U.S.A. water & land boundaries & borders soon.

  • truth4lifetoo says:

    This is real racist! They are the ones rioting over a criminal that refused to be arrested and it would not have happened if he had obeyed. Justice!!! Then we have peaceful protesters and in comes the professional rioters to stir up trouble. In the other riots the police are told to stand back and let the rioters protest and in J6 the come in encourage the people to come in to Capital and then start tazering people and even tramped on one woman until she died and also the first woman in Capital by John S friends encouraging her to be pushed through the window so he could video her. Sick.

  • Randie says:

    absolutely outrageous to pay Terrorists! They should all be locked up.



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