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NCAA Basketball Star Describes What It Was Like to Meet Biden at the White House

One of the rewards for NCAA champions like Angel Reese’s LSU in 2023 or the Michigan football team in 2024 is a trip to the White House.

Donovan Clingan’s UConn is on its way to meet President Joe Biden for the second time after clinching back-to-back March Madness crowns this week, but this story from their first appearance will be hard to beat, as it revealed the truth behind one of Biden’s most controversial traits.

Joe Biden’s health questioned in viral video

The TikTok video from 2023 resurfaced on social media after the Huskies’ dominant 2024 NCAA Tournament ended in a triumph over Zach Edey and Purdue on Monday.

It was a relevant clue for the countless voters seeking information on the POTUS’ health status, specifically Biden’s memory.

The 81-year-old already holds a place in history as the oldest president inaugurated, set when he took office in 2021. He is running for re-election in 2024, but his physical health is a concern for some voters.

UConn’s trip to the White House and Biden’s mistake

Clingan shared a story about the team photo that Biden asked Dan Hurley’s squad for that raised some red flags.

“We went to the White House, took a picture with Joe Biden,” Clingan recalled. “Joe Biden talked to us for about three minutes and then right after that he asked us for a picture again.”

When asked what Biden talked about during the three minutes, Clingan’s answer didn’t help the conspiracy theories the post would spark.

“He completely ignored Coach Hurley. Really couldn’t understand what he was saying. And then he was like, ‘Alright, let’s grab a picture,'” said the 7-foot-2 center.

The video was heavily edited and did not show the full interview, but it was enough for it to go viral nearly one year later. It remains to be seen what UConn will experience in this year’s visit to the White House, but it’s safe to say the first go round was – sorry, Mr. President – unforgettable.

Donovan Clingan declares for NBA Draft

Clingan announced on Friday that he will enter the NBA Draft after just two seasons at UConn, where he didn’t have much left to prove. He is projected to be a top-3 pick in the 2024 NBA Draft in June.

He finished his Huskies career as a two-time national champion after averaging 15.3 points, 8.3 rebounds and 3.2 blocks in the 2024 NCAA Tournament run.

  • MAGA Republican says:

    Slow news day? This article was nothing but speculation. Why not wait until there is something to actually report about? Your site is just playing the click-bait game, anymore, and most of your “news” was reported yesterday. You’re a day late and a dollar short.

  • j says:

    I am 73 yrs old…..Biden is the Worst President in my Life Time….Trump 2024

  • Sports Fanatic Lunatics says:

    I could care less about Biden and the NCAA,and the NBA. and NFL. ALL SISSYFIED ACTORS. PLAYING SPORTS FOR INCOME. WHAT A bunch of pussies. This is what America consist of. Ball bouncing pussies.



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