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Marjorie Taylor Greene Files Motion to Oust Mike Johnson as House Speaker

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) filed a motion to oust Mike Johnson (R-LA) as House speaker on Friday.

Greene filed a motion to vacate the speaker as tensions flared over a vote on a $1.2 trillion spending bill, according to The Daily Caller. Johnson spearheaded negotiations over the bill, the last chance to avoid a government shutdown.

Greene spoke out against the bill from the House floor on Monday morning.

“No Republican in the House of Representatives can in good conscience vote for this bill. It is a complete departure from all of our principles,” Greene said. She specifically mentioned provisions of the bill that deal with abortion and border security.

“This bill will absolutely destroy our majority, and will tell every single one of our voters that this majority is a failure. This is the bill that the White House cannot wait to sign into law,” she said.

Greene reportedly did not mark the resolution privileged, a procedural tool that would then require House leadership to schedule a vote on the motion within two legislative days. She may mark the resolution as privileged later, however.

Johnson took over as House speaker after former California Rep. Kevin McCarthy was ousted from the role by a small group of disgruntled Republicans led by Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz in October. Johnson took control of the fractured majority after several failed rounds of internal voting to find a Republican who could unite the conference.

Johnson expedited the spending omnibus through the House this week ahead of an expected government shutdown.

“We have to govern,” Johnson said, according to The Wall Street Journal. “We have to demonstrate that we can keep this thing together and keep the train on the tracks.”

The spending bill has riled conservatives in Congress and elicited threats against Johnson’s speakership from House conservatives.

“This bill, if it passes, will likely determine who controls the House of Representatives,” Tennessee Rep. Andy Ogles said. “And this bill will most certainly determine who the next speaker is.”

  • Frustrated says:

    I guess MTG needs to step up, run for speaker and put the money where your mouth Is. I truly admire her honesty and tenacity, and she plays to win. Unfortunately, not all have the same fire as she does. Pick it up woman and get the job done. Give the fake president the finger and make that SOB sweat. Don’t give up and don’t give in. I don’t care if all is shut down for 6 months. Stay true to the GOP and let’s win this battle.

  • Vicki says:

    How many RINOs voted for this atrocity?? Johnson did NOT pass it on his own. MTG needs to stfu and stop creating chaos. How on earth is getting rid of another speaker going to help?? Y’all couldn’t agree on a speaker before what makes you think it’ll be any different today??
    Say hello to speaker Jeffries.



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