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Man Who Killed Bin Laden Responds to Viral TikTok Trend Praising the Terrorist’s ‘Letter to America’

A new viral trend on China-owned social media platform TikTok includes largely younger people praising and agreeing with notorious terrorist Osama bin Laden‘s “Letter to America.”

The letter, which is filled with anti-Western and anti-Semitic language, is a justification from bin Laden for the 9/11 attacks, which killed roughly 3,000 Americans in New York City, Washington, D.C., and Pennsylvania.

“Over the past 24 hours, thousands of TikToks (at least) have been posted where people share how they just read Bin Laden’s infamous ‘Letter to America,’ in which he explained why he attacked the United States,” journalist Yashar Ali posted to X. “Many of them say that reading the letter has opened their eyes, and they’ll never see geopolitical matters the same way again. … [and many] say it has made them reevaluate their perspective on how what is often labeled as terrorism can be a legitimate form of resistance to a hostile power.”

In one viral video, a woman said the letter is “wild” and “everyone should read it,” adding that reading it has “left her disillusioned.”

Another woman said reading the letter left her reeling in an “existential crisis,” and encouraged viewers to also read it. “In the last 20 minutes, my entire viewpoint on the entire life I have believed and I have lived has changed. Please read that entire letter.”

“I need you to stop what you’re doing and go read a ‘Letter to America,’” a male said on video. “It is literally the craziest thing I have read in a while and while I can’t say that I’m not surprised, I’m pretty shocked.” He then proceeded to read the following X post, which he said was reminiscent of the letter: “Under settler colonialism, any kind of resistance is branded as [terrorism] because the only acceptable violence is violence by the occupier.”

Robert O’Neill, the Navy SEAL who killed bin Laden, responded to the trend: “Deceit is a mask the Devil puts over the eyes of useful idiots.”

Others reacted, too. Politico Noam Blum said, “TikTok brain is reading a rant by Osama bin Laden, realizing you agree with him on everything, and concluding not that you need to rethink your life, but that you need to rethink your priors about Osama bin Laden.”

“Osama Bin Laden is being praised on the left for attacking America,” radio host and Outkick founder Clay Travis posted to X. “And TikTok is helping these clips go viral to idiot kids. This is what happens when for a generation the left has taught kids that America is evil.”

“If you kids think Bin Laden made some good points, wait’ll I tell you about a vegetarian former art student with an ironic mustache whose impassioned manifesto about the Zionist oppression of his people sparked a worldwide movement,” David Burge mocked, adding, “I feel I’m gonna regret this tweet because these motherf***ers are so stupid the next Tik Tok dance craze will be goosestepping.”

Journalist Megyn Kelly zoned in on the parents of some of the younger people participating in the trend. “To the parents of all of these losers suddenly persuaded by the deranged musings of the man who murdered 3k American innocents: you failed,” she wrote. “You were likely boozing, marching for some L-wing cause and/or simply ignoring your kids. You failed to teach wrong from right, a proper moral code, a love of country and perspective on America’s role in the world. [Because] you failed, my kids and others are going to have to grow up battling these a**holes for the future of the United States. I have every confidence they can do it, but I resent and judge you for making it necessary as opposed to fostering a life in which they can focus solely on growth, joy, love, family, hard work and creation.”

“No point getting bogged down in it however, trust me when I tell you that the majority of Americans – this generation and the next – will fight to defeat the pernicious lunacy you’ve unleashed,” Kelly added. “And we will win.”

  • Larry Bowling says:

    This tells WE THE PEOPLE all we need to know about the people on TikTok who are praising the killer thug who killed 3,000 American citizens! Heaven forbid if these unspeakable people ever end up having to fight for our country and our freedoms, like many of us have done in the past. Can’t you just see them standing around trying to justify why they should not kill our enemies, as our enemies are destroying our country with nuclear weapons!!!

  • Jim says:

    Mass arrest ANYONE sharing that letter.

    that is supporting TERRORISM. That is TREASON and waging war against the United States of America.

    Its time to end this. Arrest each and every one of these little monsters

  • The left supports terrorism yet they are trying to jail Trump for insurrection lol if that ain’t the pot calling the kettle black.

  • It is the schooling that the youth of today are getting I would like to take them to Iran Yemen or Pakistan and I think they would have a whole different picture than what has been programed in their heads The teachers that put out all this garbage have never been near any of these places So all they know is what the commie teachers union The schools don’t have US history in schools anymore They have no idea how the real world works They were fed shit and then when they get to college They listen those mental cases that they call professors That is actually a good name for them because they profess to be something that is more of their communist ideas Why don’t they make a requirement that all the students have to spend a month in North Korea and a month in Iran Then lets hear what they think now These kids are given everything and they now believe that they should have anything they desire and when they don’t these peace lovers begin to light things on fire fight with police and say how fucked up our country is but if they listened to themselves they will see the problem is their own self They are the cause of Clinton Obama and of course Fuck Face Biden There is no way people that can think correctly would never vote for any of those three lying scheming stealing and even murder So I sure hope that some people will read this and check what I have said All Clinton did was close Military installations Obama didn’t do anything but have take vacations and close golf courses so he could learn to be a proper duffer and then Biden If he did anything which he hasn’t he would have forgotten it anyway Biden is the worlds best ATM He smiles and and a handler says but that is tax dollars and he calmly says fuck the taxpayers We will just raise their taxes or we will send the irs Gestapo for them

  • A. Michaels says:

    The stupidity in these videos is palpable. How do these fools manage to perform simple basic functions?
    Oh, and for all you obamabots out there, THIS is the man that rid the world of that slice of evil.

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