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Large Group of Illegal Aliens Storm Malibu Beach Near Barbra Streisand’s $100M Oceanfront Mansion

A boat filled with over two-dozen illegal aliens came ashore not far from the $100 million mansion of actor, singer and vehement Trump hater Barbra Streisand earlier this week.

Security camera footage released obtained by Fox News shows the boat landing on a Malibu beach just after 1 p.m. Tuesday. Over two-dozen migrants can be seen jumping out of a 25-foot panga boat, a vessel frequently used by human traffickers.

The suspected migrants quickly scrambled away and are still on the loose, according to federal immigration authorities.

Malibu is a highly exclusive stretch of the California coast that is home to a number of A-list celebrities, including Will Smith, Lady Gaga, Cher, Jennifer Aniston and Streisand, according to the New York Post. The community classifies itself as a “sanctuary city,” which means it defies federal immigration law by refusing to allow local officials to cooperate with immigration authorities.

Streisand, 81, is a longtime supporter of Democrat policies and was a fierce critic of former President Donald Trump’s plan to construct a border wall along the U.S. border with Mexico.

“Trump only cares about this ‘wall’ in order to build a monument to himself,” Streisand wrote in a 2019 tweet. She even released an album called “Walls,” which, according to a report from The Hollywood Reporter, was entirely inspired by Trump and his “divisive brand of politics.”

The album included jabs at Trump for keeping migrants in “cages” along the southern border, a reference to temporary migrant holding facilities. President Biden has continued the use of the “cages” throughout his term in the White House, though he has not been widely accused of “fascism” and inhumanity as Trump was for four years.

“We should be building bridges to a better day / Where no walls would stand in the way,” read lyrics from one of the tracks.

Keeping with her hatred of the former president, Streisand has vowed to leave the country if Trump is re-elected next year.

“I can’t live in this country if he becomes president,” the 81-year-old told Stephen Colbert earlier this month.

  • Dorothy says:

    It could not have happened to low life Barbara. She has a big mouth and forgets where she was born. She was born in Brooklyn New York and lived above stores on Flatbush Ave. She tries to act like she has class when she is ruthless with her big mouth. She hates to tell anyone about her up bringing.

  • Phil Huff says:

    The migrants should camp out on her property and trash her land. I AM SURE SHE HAS A WALL AROUND HER PROPERTY.



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