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Israeli Commander Captured by Militants, Hamas Claims

As chaos reigns in Israel, reports have emerged that Hamas militants have captured a top Israeli military officer.

Both The Telegraph and The Jewish Chronicle reported on rumors that Hamas had captured Israeli Major Gen. Nimrod Aloni. The Chronicle reported that the claim came from Hamas itself.

An image purportedly showing Aloni being forcibly led down a street while barefoot and in his underwear quickly began spreading on social media.

Aloni, the former commander of the Israeli Defense Force’s Gaza division, was described by The Telegraph as “one of the IDF’s most senior commanders [who] runs special forces operations.”

Hamas official Saleh al-Arouri said “senior officers” had been captured.

“Our detainees in [Israeli] prisons, their freedom is looming large. What we have in our hands will release all our prisoners. The longer fighting continues, the higher the number of prisoners will become,” al-Arouri told Al Jazeera.

“We managed to kill and capture many Israeli soldiers. The fighting is still on.”

The IDF denied that any major generals had been captured, according to The Telegraph.

Citing Israeli news stations, the outlet noted that Hamas militants have captured around 50 Israeli civilians.

Saturday morning marked a dark and violent turn in the already bloody and complicated history of Israel.

Hamas militants launched an all-out assault via air, land and sea on the southern part of Israel in a shockingly swift invasion.

The attack was condemned by U.S. President Joe Biden, who called it “unconscionable.”

“Israel has a right to defend itself — full stop,” he said on X.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has made it crystal clear that the country is now at war.

  • Randall says:

    Hope the Jews POS get what they deserve. After killing three million Muslims, Christians and other religious people. While Jews control of Russia. I do believe Germany got attack for not paying Jewish global banking system. Adolf help Germans families out of poverty instead paying the Jews. America, UK and Russia was run by Jewish POS. The genocide of the White race is being done by Jews POS and liberals POS.
    It’s time for true blood Europeans need to take back your countries from the Jews POS and liberals POS.
    If you get called a racist or other words of war shoot them.
    Look up the ten stages,steps of genocide and the Geneva convention about genocide.

  • angrybill says:

    I may be wrong but I thought that Israel had an “Iron Dome” with which they could stop all fo these Hamas rockets. Or were their so many that Israel’s defenses were simply overwhelmed?

    Further…in my ever so humble opinion I think that Israel should forget about Hamas and go directly to Iran and lay waste to the country much like we did to Germany during WWII. It’s high time that Iran be paid back for all of the underhanded havoc that they constantly engage in all around the world. “Sleeper Cells” indeed!

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