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GOP Senator Says ‘Old’ Republican Party Is ‘Dead,’ Calls for Major Changes

Republicans need to “build something new” after failing to retake the Senate majority following the 2022 midterm elections, a GOP senator said.

Democrats picked up a key Senate seat in Nevada after Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto (D-Nev.) defeated Republican challenger Adam Laxalt after numerous news outlets called the race in Masto’s favor on Saturday. Days before that, GOP candidate Mehmet Oz conceded to Democrat John Fetterman, while outlets called the race for Arizona’s Senate seat in favor of incumbent Sen. Mark Kelly (D-Ariz.).

“The old party is dead. Time to bury it. Build something new,” Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) wrote on social media. A day before, Hawley said Republican Senate leaders are failing to back initiatives that are supported by their voters.

“Washington Republicanism lost big Tuesday night. When your ‘agenda’ is cave to Big Pharma on insulin, cave to [Sen. Chuck] Schumer on gun control & Green New Deal (‘infrastructure’), and tease changes to Social Security and Medicare, you lose,” Hawley wrote over the weekend.

Hawley, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), and Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.) reportedly circulated a letter calling for Republicans to postpone their Senate leadership vote. It is presumed that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is vying to reclaim his Senate leadership position, although he has not responded to the three Republicans’ letter.

“I don’t know why Senate GOP would hold a leadership vote for the next Congress before this election is finished. We have a runoff in [Georgia] … are they saying that doesn’t matter? Don’t disenfranchise,” Hawley wrote late last week in response to Rubio’s statement that the vote needs to be held on a later date.

Some, including former President Donald Trump, called for McConnell to be ousted as leader of the GOP in the Senate. Earlier this year, McConnell indicated that he would win his leadership reelection.

“He is the WORST!” Trump wrote on Truth Social of McConnell.

Strange Results

Ahead of the midterm elections, numerous polls showed Laxalt ahead of Masto by as many as 5 percentage points. Some forecasters claimed there would be a “red wave” in Congress, buoyed by dissatisfaction over the U.S. economy, inflation, gas prices, and President Joe Biden’s low approval rating.

As it was revealed that Republicans would not be able to gain as many seats in the Senate and House, there have been efforts to blame the party’s performance on its leaders, including McConnell, House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy, and Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel. Some have also blamed the losses on President Donald Trump after some Senate candidates that he endorsed didn’t prevail—while simultaneously elevating Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who won reelection by about 20 percentage points last week.

For the House races, Republicans won by about 6 million more votes over Democrat candidates but lost in many races. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, an Epoch Times contributor, said the final result is bizarre to him.

“I’ve never been as wrong as I was this year,” Gingrich said last week. “It makes me challenge every model I’m aware of, and realize that I have to really stop and spend a good bit of time thinking and trying to put it all together.”

  • Tamirose170 says:

    Gee, if there were 5million MORE Republicans voting and all models predicted a Red Wave – and yet since Election Day, I’ve yet to see one TV Station, etc monitoring the “Vote Count” that has ensued in the week following? I’m not sure what “model” Newt Gingrich needs to look it – as I think it is a MASSIVE indication to nothing other than FRAUD going on behind closed doors, zero news media present, we’re not even sure if we have 1 R & 1 D overseeing every table where these signatures are validating, tallies are made etc as we have had over the last 2 decades. Who can forget Brenda Snipes, in Broward County in 2018, when workers “unloaded” boxes of ballots from their personal vehicles’ trunks, mobs of disenfranchised voters stood outside in Florida as she blocked ALL views from the ballots being counted. We just had a QUIETER thievery going on this time around; give it 18 months and they’ll count how many mules or machines flipped the ballots no doubt. How many times do we have to research, investigate, learn about what really happened – before we prevent it from happening again? IF the exit polls are correct, then did voters go through a trance or hypnosis while voting (I don’t think so). If people were worried about Inflation, Economy & Crime when they walked in and still voiced those concerns when they walked out – yet the votes say opposite = then I’d say the votes were FLIPPED w/o hesitation. Great job on those new Election Laws – – quiet applaud going on…clearly they were NOT strong enough to prevent it and most likely made it easier. How can machines work the night before in AZ, and then don’t the following morning? Were they connected to the Internet during this time? How could printer settings be acceptable the day before but yet it didn’t work the following morning? NONE of this makes sense BUT everyone is just accepting the results – easy for those in Congress banking nearly 200K in salary plus thousands upon thousands in perks/yr. I highly doubt they are affected 24/7 as we are, as they each drive home to their Mansion(s) and jet off to wherever they desire. They aren’t worried about the price of chicken, eggs & milk. They are looking at their calendars and their tough decision is what restaurant to meet their friends/political buddies at for lunch and then where for dinner that night too (on the taxpayers expense account).

  • John says:

    That’s who destroyed Trump’s presidency all the way up to the bank Insurrection backing all these swamp creatures these hog job satanic pedophile looking warmongering old money mattress stuffers who didn’t want their swamp asses cleaned out so they got rid of the president instead but we will get them out physically We the People if necessary they’ve done enough damage to our Constitution and our families and especially our country they’re cowards and they need to be replaced persecuted prosecuted and sentence by the people they harmed

  • Michael says:

    Mitch McConnell is a TRAITOR to the Republic for which we stand for.
    Mitch McConnell needs to be investigated and charged for TREASON!
    Mitch McConnell should be removed from his seat as Senate Minority for his actions in misleading the Republican Party and his constituents as a RHINO!
    All Rhino’s should be investigated to the full extent of the law by a military tribunal under the code of UCMJ Asap!

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