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Georgia Court Website Posts Document with 13 Charges Against Trump – And Then Deletes It

A Georgia court briefly published a document on Monday that showed what appear to be charges filed against former President Donald Trump.

The document was taken down, but not before people took screenshots that purportedly showed 13 charges against Trump, including felony conspiracy counts and a violation of the state’s RICO statute.

The court website in Fulton County, Georgia, where Trump has been investigated since 2021 for alleged crimes related to challenging the state’s 2020 election results, did not explain the document or its deletion.

The document was dated Aug. 14 and listed Fulton County Judge Rachelle Carnesale and had a status of “open.”

Reuters reached out to the court for comment and was told Trump has not been charged.

In the one-page document, a defendant named Donald John Trump is charged with numerous alleged felony crimes and one “serious felony.”

Charges on the document include one for “Violation Of The Georgia RICO (Racketeer Influenced And Corrupt Organizations) Act,” as well as “Solicitation of Violation of Oath by Public Officer.”

Charges of conspiracy listed in the document include conspiracy to commit “impersonating a public officer,” as well as “forgery,” making “false statements” and “filing false documents.”

The dates of the alleged offenses laid out in the deleted document range from November 2020 to September 2021.

It is widely believed Trump will be indicted by District Attorney Fani Willis, who has been investigating him for two years.

Her investigation stems from Trump’s challenging of the 2020 election results in which he alleged widespread voting irregularities cost him a victory in Georgia.

Willis ordered judges in the county to clear their calendars for the middle of August, and Sheriff Patrick Labat has closed off streets around the courthouse.

Labat previously stated he had sent deputies to arraignments in other Trump indictments this year in the case of an indictment by Willis.

Labat also said if Trump was indicted he would be fingerprinted and photographed.

Trump has been indicted three times this year.

He faces dozens of charges across two federal indictments and a New York City indictment.

  • Lynda says:

    One of the most corrupt states in America!

  • Biggerone says:

    They are goingto push all of this shit too far and We the People will rise up ! Our forfathers would be shooting by now !

  • KMAN says:

    Although I was not planning to vote for Trump , but this over zealous attempts and attacks against the only man the Democratic establishment is in fear of losing their power over America and proven by relentless prosecutions and charges .
    It’s apparent he has gotten under their skin for this alone I will be voting for Trump even if he goes to Jail .
    The Democratic Party has Destroyed Democracy .

  • Michael T says:

    When will District Attorney Fani Willis be indicted for her illegal acts.

  • George Z says:

    This egregious abuse of power and weaponization of the judicial system is far worse than any crime Trump is being accused. Abuse of power under color of law depriving one of their civil rights is a violation (USC 1983). Trump should be filing suits alleging this violation.



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