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Fox News Reporter Visibly Shaken as He Shares Gruesome Details of Hamas Terrorist’s Confession About Israel Massacre

Fox News war correspondent Trey Yingst said he had to censor the brutality uttered by a captured Hamas terrorist who admitted to doing “things humans do not do.”

Yingst obtained a video of what the terrorist told Israeli forces, but spared viewers the most disturbing details from his confession of the Oct. 7 massacre that killed more than 1,400 Israelis.

“I do need to warn our viewers, what I am about to describe is incredibly graphic, but it gives new details on what took place two weeks ago,” the visibly shaken reporter said during Saturday’s broadcast.

The terrorist told interrogators their “commanders said they could do whatever they felt like doing and that this was a suicide mission, telling them they should not plan on coming back,” according to the video, which was first reported on by Mediaite.

“He says commanders told them to step on the heads of civilians, to behead them and do whatever they felt like,” Yingst said. “He went on to talk about how Hamas and ISIS are being compared. The interrogator asked him about this comparison, and he agreed. He said, we burned, we slaughtered, and beheaded people.”

He recounted that the terrorist told the interrogator: “We became animals — [we did] things humans do not do.”

Yingst also reported that the Hamas terrorists used Telegram to communicate and “share videos in real time” while committing the attacks, which included beheadings, rape, slaughtering babies and other unspeakable acts.

Some of the videos shot by the terrorists have been obtained by Israelis, and on Monday, will be shown to reporters, Israeli government spokesman Eylon Levy said on a video posted to X, formerly known as Twitter.

Fringe groups have cast doubt on the horrific violence, including whether babies had been beheaded during the attack, despite reports confirming it.

Levy called it a “Holocaust denial-like phenomenon unfolding in real time” as people are “casting doubt on the magnitude of the atrocities that Hamas has committed against our people” and said journalists who could “stomach it” would be able to view the footage.

“It’s sickening that the government has to do this, even after the many eyewitness accounts and the journalists allowed into morgues,” noted Lahav Harkov, the senior political correspondent for Jewish Insider, on Sunday.

  • Jack in the Box says:

    Only solution is total destruction of Gaza, no survivors, no one captured! Madness of 50+ years MUST END NOW! The west and USA have let these terrorists reign way to long! Take them down, take no prisoners, no mercy anymore! The time have come to destroy the worst terrornest since WWII! Take out Khmeini and the Taliban at the same sweep!

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