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Fired Fox News Anchor Ed Henry Arrested on DUI Charges

Former Fox News anchor Ed Henry, who the network fired in 2020 due to a sexual misconduct allegation, was arrested on DUI charges in mid-June, police records show.

The West Palm Beach Police Department arrested Henry on June 20 at 8:00 p.m. for driving under the influence of alcohol, according to a report posted by the West Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office. A sheriff’s deputy pulled Henry over after witnessing his black Cadillac Escalade driving down the road with a flat tire on the driver’s front side, per the report.

The tire reportedly fell off the rim and rolled into oncoming traffic in eastbound lanes, causing one vehicle to swerve to avoid being hit by the tire.

“While Henry was talking, I was able to smell the odor of unknown alcohol coming from his breath,” the deputy wrote in the police report. “Henry had glassy and bloodshot eyes…His gait was unsteady. His speech was slightly slurred.”

The former Fox News reporter admitted to drinking two bourbons between 6:00 and 7:00 p.m. while spending time near Singer Island, according to the outlet. He failed the sobriety test by being unable to perform the “one leg stand,” “the walk and turn” or “finger on the nose.”

The deputy reportedly said Henry “swayed during the [task] and tilted his head forward.” The results of a breathalyzer test came out at just below the .08 legal limit.

Following his arrest, the former Fox News reporter was reportedly “calm” and “quiet” as he refused to answer law enforcement’s questions. His attorney, David Tarras, said he is confident Henry will defeat the charges.

“Mr. Henry cooperated with law enforcement during their investigation,” Tarras said in an emailed statement, according to the outlet. “He respectfully provided a sample of his breath that was below a .08, and thus below the legal limit in Florida.”

Henry is already facing a legal battle related to Fox News associate producer Jennifer Eckhart’s accusations of sexual harassment and rape. Eckhert had a “consensual relationship” with Henry in 2017 and accused him of rape during the summer of 2020.

Fox News fired Henry in July 2020 over an alleged “willful sexual misconduct” incident that occurred in 2017.

  • GGisme says:

    Careful…careful here. So easy to sit at our keyboard, perhaps judging? If you have never had a single alcoholic drink or pill in your entire life, read something else. If you have, 0.8 percent can be a single drink. Not insignificant nor unimportant, but don’t start pointing fingers of “Oh, it’s that drunk Fox guy.” The numbers and the personalities are what make this newsworthy. Were it you or me, we would pay the same fines, sentence, but it would not be plastered on Truth Press News.

  • Gwen Kane says:

    Leave Ed alone and stay on the BIDENS like Leeches. Both father and son should be looking through bars for a very very very long time. We need America back as we knew it !!!!!!!!

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