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Elon Musk Exposes How Soros ‘Hijacked’ US Cities Without Changing Any Laws

Elon Musk appeared on Joe Rogan’s podcast Tuesday and explained how leftists “completely controlled” Twitter and weaponized the social media platform against political opponents and anyone who disagreed with the official government narrative. The billionaire said Twitter was almost like Russian state media “Pravda.”

“The degree to which Twitter was simply an arm of the government was not well understood by the public,” Musk said.

He continued, “Republicans were suppressed at ten times the rate of Democrats. That’s because old Twitter was fundamentally controlled by the far-left.”

Far-left elites in Washington and Silicon Valley, along with ‘fact checkers’ (think tanks) and the FBI, were able to conduct mass censorship campaigns from within Twitter, that’s until Musk bought the social media company about one year ago.

In the conversation with Rogan, Musk then explains George Soros’ massive bet (now overseen by his son, Alexander Soros) on funding city and state district attorney elections nationwide. He said, “The value for money in local races is much higher than in national races – the lowest value for money is a presidential race.”

“Soros realized you don’t actually need to change the laws – you just need to change how they’re enforced – if nobody chooses to enforce the law – or the laws differentially enforced – it’s like changing the laws,” Musk said.

This leaves with a new interview from one Maryland sheriff, just outside of crime-ridden Baltimore City, in Wicomico County, who drops a truth bomb about radical progressive lawmakers in the state, some of whom have likely been funded by Soros, who purposely fail to enforce law and order and only embolden criminal.

“I’m in my 40th year of law enforcement, and I have never ever seen it this bad,” Sheriff Mike Lewis said.

Lewis continued: “I’ve never seen a government so ingrained – and quite frankly complicit – in the criminal activity taking place in our nation.”

The sheriff is referring to all those Soros-backed candidates who won elections in Manhattan, Los Angeles, San Fransico, Portland, Baltimore, DC, New York, Philadelphia, Boston, St. Louis, and Chicago, that have transformed these areas into crime-ridden hellholes.

The term “apocalypse” in Greek translates to “revelation,” and this is precisely what Musk and the team behind the “Twitter Files” have offered the public. Their actions have disrupted the ‘matrix’ controlled by radical leftists with an agenda to install communism.

  • Pam R. says:

    Sorry it’s smoke & mirrors. I got taken off of Twitter after 15 years, and they took my remaining 4000 followers they hadn’t already taken, about 10 weeks ago along with thousands of people that day, and then all of a sudden the bots came onto TruthSocial-because I said “Jack Smith and Joe Biden were traitors guilty of treason and per the law should be hung.”

    The law actually says the penalty for treason is the death penalty. I gave them the law they said I was “violent”. Not only was I speaking the truth but it’s my protected political speech. I may sue them I don’t know… But either Musk doesn’t know what’s going on or he’s just a liar.

    • Nev From FJB says:

      I got permanent banned for saying one dipshit wrote D for drive R fir reverse re the 2022 midterms I wrote “YUP D fir Drive the economy straight off a cliff”…

      For that copped a ban for “hate speech” it wasn’t tagged or even named anyone it was acreoly abd 7 times ice protested the ban just get rhe sane LEFTIST SCRIPT typed out each time..

      Do much for 1st time banned amnesty he was going to implement..

  • f says:

    The Left censured our speech to control us. I say we ELIMINATE them and silence them for good, putting them 6 feet under. Let’s start w/ this entire current ILLEGITIMATE ‘Administration’. Then, the top tier of every alphabet agency. FIND THEM. KILL THEM. DONE!

  • Waldo says:

    If it were not for Elon Musk it would have continued unabated and progressed beyond what it was. Say what you will about Elon but I believe he may be the sole reason this country will be saved.if in fact we are able to save it.

    Elon Musk is the most important person to our freedom since Trump.

  • RM says:

    Well, if Soros and Son Alexander now live outside of America why is he still breathing air in a country that has not had a visit from someone yet who can give him a dose of his own medicine?

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