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‘Deeply Compromised’: Old Picture Uncovered of Biden on Air Force Two

Republican Rep. Elise Stefanik of New York says one photo from 2015 makes President Joe Biden’s claims that he did not know about his son’s business activities ring hollow.

Biden has long insisted that he was not involved in Hunter Biden’s business dealings. Devon Archer, a former business partner of Hunter Biden, recently testified that Joe Biden met with his son’s business associates and that Hunter Biden put his father on the phone during business meetings.

Stefanik, the House Republican Conference chair, said a “damning picture” shows Biden, who was vice president at the time, with an adviser who had links to Hunter Biden’s businesses, according to Fox News.

The photo from Biden’s 2015 trip to Ukraine shows him with Amos Hochstein, currently Biden’s special presidential coordinator.

According to Stefanik, Hochstein was communicating with Hunter Biden during that time period while Hunter Biden was on the board of Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company.

“This damning picture of then Vice President Joe Biden on Air Force Two en route to Ukraine talking with Amos Hochstein is just further evidence that Biden and senior officials in the Biden Administration not only knew of Hunter Biden’s corrupt foreign business dealings, but also that Joe Biden was intimately involved while Vice President,” Stefanik said.

“At the time of this photo, Hochstein was in communication with Hunter Biden and Burisma where Hunter served on the board.”

Stefanik said connecting the dots paints a troubling image.

“We also know that this photo was taken on Air Force Two ahead of Joe Biden’s now infamous meeting with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, where Biden threatened to have aid withheld if a Ukrainian prosecutor investigating Burisma was not fired,” she said.

“All evidence points directly to Joe Biden being deeply compromised. House Republicans will leave no stone unturned in our investigations into Biden’s involvement in his family’s influence peddling scheme.”

Hochstein was a special envoy and coordinator for international energy affairs in the Obama administration. He became Biden’s special coordinator for global infrastructure and energy security in August 2021 prior to assuming his current role as special presidential coordinator.

A recently unveiled FBI form documents allegations that Joe and Hunter Biden each took a $5 million bribe from Burisma executives in exchange for ensuring the firing of Viktor Shokin, the prosecutor investigating the company.

  • Geralyn Reed says:

    Worst president ever he is corrupt to the core.

  • JB says:

    How much more evidence do you need, my supposedly working for me government? Are you going to just let him leave office and go to one of his many homes and collect the benefits that we are paying for? Right now I feel this is what will happen.

  • Sicsam says:

    The Biden family should all be sent to North Korea!

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