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CNN Announces Premiere of New Show, Met with Widespread Criticism

CNN, which has recently struggled with historically low ratings amid lineup changes, was mocked online after it reminded people about the debut of a new show with some not-so-new faces.

Last month, the network announced the creation of a new daily afternoon show called “CNN News Central” in a news release.

The show would join the lineup in order to “bring a more dynamic and illustrative approach to covering news and the developing stories of the day.”

But it is hosted by Brianna Keilar, Jim Sciutto and Boris Sanchez.

Keilar and Sciutto have each been with CNN in the daytime lineup as anchors for years while Sanchez has been with the network since 2015.

On Monday, CNN tweeted about the show to remind viewers of its premiere later in the day.

The attempt to drum up buzz backfired, as the network was met with mockery.

Twitter users who came across the post made note of CNN’s recent attempts to try seemingly anything to help it compete with its cable news rivals:

Of “CNN News Central,” the network said the show will “serve as the core hub of the network’s best-in-class newsgathering operation during the day, bringing stories to viewers in real time, while offering perspective and context to key issues.”

The news release said, “Modeled after CNN’s special election programming, ‘CNN News Central’ uses similar technology and storytelling tools and applies them to news well beyond politics.”

The news release concluded, “The immersive approach will showcase what CNN does best — breaking news, visual storytelling, and factual, impactful reporting.”

CNN saw its lowest-rated month in a decade in February, Forbes reported.

  • Chris says:

    WE wont be watching…

  • Edie says:

    CNN needs to go down the tubes and close the shop. They are absolutely useless and need to depart.permanently.

  • tressa says:

    No thank you CNN but the government has taken over your air space they do the llying and you back it up!
    Never trust Liars!

  • allan says:


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