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‘You Need to Stop’: Noem Snaps in Fox Interview About Dog Killing, Veep Aspirations

Republican South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem snapped at Fox Business anchor Stuart Varney who pushed her to disclose whether she is aspiring to be former President Donald Trump’s running mate.

Varney pressed Noem, a suspected vice presidential hopeful, on whether she communicated with Trump about the scrutiny she is under revolving around the fatal shooting of her 14-month-old puppy, Cricket, in a gravel pit. The South Dakota governor adamantly refused to disclose details of her frequent communications with the former president.

“May I ask what he said to you about being vice president?” Varney asked.

“No, I never tell anybody my personal conversations,” Noem said.

“Did the dog story come up in your conversation with Trump?” he pressed.

“I talk to President Trump all the time,” she said.

“About the dog?” Varney asked.

“About a lot of things,” the governor said. “And right now, I tell you what, he is being persecuted in a political witch hunt in this court case. I’m proud of him on how tough he is and how well he is doing.”

“Did he bring up the dog?” he repeated.

“Enough, Stuart, this interview is ridiculous, what you’re doing right now. So you need to stop. It is, it is. Let’s talk about some real topics that Americans care about,” Noem said.

Noem revealed in her new book, “No Going Back,” how she killed Cricket — who Noem said she “hated” — due to the puppy’s alleged “aggressive personality” and inability to be a good hunting dog. The wirehair pointer allegedly attacked a flock of chickens belonging to her neighbor by “grabb[ing] one chicken at a time, crunching it to death with one bite, then dropping it to attack another.”

The governor defended her decision to kill the puppy due to South Dakota’s law allowing owners to put down pets who “attack and kill livestock.”

“The fact is, South Dakota law states that dogs who attack and kill livestock can be put down,” Noem wrote in an April 28 tweet. “Given that Cricket had shown aggressive behavior toward people by biting them, I decided what I did. Whether running the ranch or in politics, I have never passed on my responsibilities to anyone else to handle. Even if it’s hard and painful. I followed the law and was being a responsible parent, dog owner, and neighbor. As I explained in the book, it wasn’t easy. But often the easy way isn’t the right way.”

Republican governors stood in solidarity with Cricket by posting photographs of themselves with dogs to social media. Trump’s former White House press secretary Sean Spicer said Noem “killed her chances” of ever becoming Trump’s running mate.

“To a person, everyone agrees she killed her chances, pun intended,” Spicer said, according to ABC News. “The bigger issue politically speaking is why anyone thought putting this in a book was a good idea — editors, agents, etc. — It’s like a job applicant saying unprompted they stole office furniture during an interview.”

In her book, Noem further called for President Joe Biden to kill his dog Commander, who has bitten over a dozen people, telling the dog to “say hello to Cricket.”

The governor also shot her goat in the same gravel pit for allegedly chasing down her children.

  • One says:

    Noem takes care of business the way business is supposed to be taken care of – swiftly and permanently. That’s the EXACT reason why she would make the PERFECT V.P. The problem we have (these days), is we’ve spawned nothing less than pussies and wimps, (most being men), for 2 full generations now, and w/ an ILLEGITIMATE, (shadow government), of an ‘Administration’ basing EVERYTHING legal on feelings and emotions instead of facts and credible evidence, the obvious reaction(s) are going to be ‘shock and awe’ by most.
    I’ve stated from the start, (4 years ago), if Trump ever put his hat back into the ring, my pick for VP would be Noem. I stand by that, and I wish her well.

  • One says:

    Millions of babies are killed every year because the SCOTUS allowed (literal) ‘legal murder’ of the unborn – CRICKETS.

    An ANIMAL is killed after it proves to be incorrigibly vicious, and every animal and non-animal lover comes out of the woodwork, screaming at the top of their lungs – MURDERER!

    It’s no wonder suicides have gone up 534% since Biden’s handlers stole the last election. Wrong is now right, and right is now wrong. Go figure…

    I’m glad I’m 73 and in the late autumn of life. I’ve made it this far w/o having to kill anyone…that may change – soon. Why? Because right is still right, and wrong is still wrong. So, when they come for me, they need to know I’d never allow myself to be arrested on false charges. They need to know they’re going to die, or I’m going to die. Liberty or death. It will be settled, right there and then.

  • Me says:

    This GOOD-TIME WHORE from South Dakota is getting DEPERATE to attract attention to herself.

    Hey WHORE! you will need to try HARD(er) than that. How about filming yourself ROASTING your dog Yulin dog-meat-festival style!

    I would prefer Trump to pick Rubio over this SKANK!



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