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Bongino Reveals a “Weird” Incident Occurred While Criticizing the Soros on His Show

Was this a mere coincidence or was something far more sinister at work?

As reported by the Daily Fetched, conservative radio host Dan Bongino informed his audience Tuesday that something strange happened the previous day. Bongino said that his website,, suffered what he thought was a coordinated cyberattack.

Bongino said it occurred right when he started discussing George Soros handing off his empire to his son Alexander and criticizing the family. He felt the attack was completely intentional and called it “the weirdest thing.”

An unnamed congressman agreed that Bongino said something that angered powerful political figures.

WATCH (discussion starts at :30 and ends at 1:30)

We did this show on George Soros and how he hands his multibillion dollar enterprise to his son Alexander. And how Alexander Soros is saying shockingly that he is even more political than his dad George and the weirdest thing happens yesterday.

My website,, gets hit by a massive DDOS attack. Had us down for three or four hours.

We were just under relentless assault. I do not believe it was an accident. Weird, right?

A congressman friend texted me and said, you must be over the target on something.

DDOS means distributed denial of service. It is a cyber attack used by hackers to deny readers access to a website.

The Daily Fetched notes that Human Events also reportedly suffered a DDOS attack Monday right after the site published a report about 17 audio recordings showing Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden, on the receiving end of bribes.

Here is Human Events senior editor Jack Posobiec discussing the alleged cyberattack.

  • JJ says:

    The Soros family is one that definitely influences our government with their money but they also affect other parts of our society like the Soros bought DA’s in many cities and states!!! With influence like this, our country will never be truly free!!!!

  • Peggy says:

    I ask you to compare side by side photos of hillary and soros….you can’t deny there’s definitely a familial resemblance. The shape of theor fat pudgy faces to the huge bags under their eyes.
    They’ve got to be related!!!

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