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BLM Rioters Who Burned Down Atlanta Wendy Get No Jail Time

Two far-left rioters who pleaded guilty to burning down an Atlanta Wendy’s during the Black Lives Matter riots in 2020 have been sentenced to five years of probation by a Fulton County judge.

The Wendy’s was the site of the fatal, officer-involved shooting of Rayshard Brooks on June 12, 2020. Brooks had fallen asleep in the drive thru and attacked the responding Atlanta Police Officer, Garret Rolfe, when he was detained. Brooks was shot and killed after he tried to grab Rolfe’s taser, leading to riots not long after George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis.

Atanta’s BLM chapter, along with other chapters and far-left activists nationwide, called for Rolfe to be charged.

He ultimately was charged with murder by then-Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard, though charges were dropped in 2022 by a special prosecutor.

Following Brooks’ death, riots erupted at the site of the shooting and the surrounding area. The Wendy’s where Brooks was shot was soon torched by arsonists in what became a widely recognized image from the year-long.

In the days immediately following the blaze, armed BLM militants moved into the area and set up blockades, which prevented law enforcement and other emergency services from accessing the area.

On Saturday, 11 Alive reported that two suspects charged with torching the Wendy’s had accepted generous plea deals. Chisom Kingston and Natalie White were each sentenced to five years of probation, court records show.

Both Kingston and White will also be forced to complete 150 hours of community service and pay a $500 fine. A third suspect, John Wade, was indicted for his role in starting the blaze this past January.

According to an analysis from The Guardian, upwards of 99 percent of charges brought against Black Lives Matter rioters in 2020 were dropped by local prosecutors.

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