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Biden Uses Cheat Sheet for Iraq PM Meeting — Including Instructions to ‘Pause’

President Joe Biden was caught Monday with a sheet of instructions as he met in the Oval Office Monday with Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia’a Al-Sudani.

The latest in a long string of episodes in which Biden is instructed where to stand and what to say led to him being dubbed “commander-in-cheat” by the New York Post.

The Post report said Biden turned to his script often to check on what he was supposed to say concerning the attack on Israel by Iran, as well as to pause so an interpreter could translate his words.

“As you know, Iran launched an unprecedented aerial attack against Israel, and we mounted an unprecedented military effort to defend Israel. Together with our partners, we defeated that attack,” Biden said, according to the White House.

“We’re also committed to the security of our personnel and partners in the region, including Iraq. The partnership between Iraq and the United States is critical.”

“We’ve seen over the last decade as our troops have served side by side to help defeat ISIS, and we’ve seen this in our Strategic Framework Agreement as well,” Biden said.

But members of the Republican Study Committee were not happy that the meeting was held at all, according to Fox News.

“As members of the Republican Study Committee, we write to express our deep concern with your decision to host Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani to the White House and your overall Iraqi policy,” the letter from Republican Rep. Joe Wilson of South Carolina and Republican Study Committee Chair Kevin Hern of Oklahoma said.

“Despite hundreds of billions of dollars spent in Iraq over two decades and countless lost American treasure, Iraq is now solidly in Iran’s hands,” the letter said.

“This is evident across Iraq’s institutions and within Prime Minster Sudani’s own government, which includes two U.S.-designated terrorist groups,” the letter continued, adding, “On Saturday Iranian-backed militias in Iraq joined Iran in directly attacking Israel.”

“In essence, the U.S. has effectively overseen China, Russia and Iran dominate Iraq, despite our overwhelming financial and human commitment to Iraq’s latest chapter,” the letter said.

Biden has been roundly mocked for his use of cheat sheets, including one in November that included pictures of the reporters he was told by his staff to call upon.

In November, he publicly apologized for forgetting the name of a CBS reporter he had been instructed to have lob him a question.

Last April, Biden was caught with a notecard bearing the name of Los Angeles Times journalist Courtney Subramanian under “Question #1,” along with a pre-written question, according to the Post.

  • So let’s just watch how that works out for you and your city jumping out of the pan Into the Fire and destroying your City on both ends bye destroying your Police Department to deter crime or deal with crime and increasing it on the other side by supporting criminal terrorists! TIME TO ESCAPE THAT CITY! If you’re going to use that money on immigrants you should spend it on deporting them back to where they came from!

  • Supergnat says:

    The biggest mistake the U.S. made in Iraq was the ouster of Saddam Hussein.

  • kom says:

    This isn’t the first time index cards have been used and he will continue with the embarrassment for as long as the MSM refuses to criticize. He makes it perfectly clear he’s been instructed to only call on certain media members whenever he’s in a Q&A.



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