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Biden Caught on Hot Mic Saying ‘Politely Ask Press to Leave’ Before Event Abruptly Ends

President Joe Biden was caught on the hot mic Friday during a panel with world leaders from South Korea and Japan asking the press to leave, according to a recording of the summit.

The president was meeting with President Yoon Suk Yeol of the Republic of Korea and Prime Minister Kishida Fumio of Japan at Camp David in Maryland on Friday to discuss security concerns in the Pacific, The Associated Press reported.

At the end of the televised panel, the president signaled that he wanted the reporters to leave before turning to smile at the crowd, according to a White House video of the event.

“Politely ask the press to leave,” Biden said to someone off-camera before the White House recording of the event abruptly ended.

The comment raised eyebrows on social media.

The three countries are looking to create a trilateral relationship with growing security concerns about China’s activities in the area.

However, the administration was still discussing whether to mention China at all during the summit after both Beijing and North Korea objected strongly to the meeting.

  • BOO says:

    Biden is the MOST DISRESPECTFUL POTUS ever in American history!!!

  • Nana says:

    Did Nancy have a mansion built in China?

    • Obama & Biden Need Burial At Sea says:

      Scarecrow Psycho Nazi Nancy will be going to Italy right before the China Russia Drones Start Releasing Chemical Weapons Of Mass Destruction On Our Heads With Orders From Obama

  • James Campbell says:

    Why so many secrets? If not guilty of something, wouldn’t there be MUCH more transparency?



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