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Benny Johnson Robbed at Oakland In-N-Out While Reporting About It Closing Due to Robberies

On Wednesday, conservative filmmaker Benny Johnson and his crew were robbed in the Bay Area while filming a piece about California’s rise in crime, which has forced businesses to close permanently.

Johnson and his team were filming a video about In-N-Out Burger, one of America’s most famous burger joints, permanently closing its location in Oakland due to more than 1,000 documented reports of customers being robbed while visiting the restaurant.

Ironically enough, Johnson and his team were reportedly robbed while filming the video.

Johnson’s producer ALX was in the car at the time of the robbery. “I was in the car when it happened,” he said, “the rest of the team was probably about 20 feet away. A car pulled up, someone jumped out, smashed the window and tried to take a bag, I had to rip it from his hands and told him to ‘f*ck off.’ Oakland is a third world country.”

The incident occurred around 2 pm near the recently shuttered burger joint in Oakland, according to Johnson who uploaded a video about the robbery on X.

The video shows a vehicle with busted-out windows and a police officer arriving at the scene. Johnson did not reveal what had been stolen out of the car.

“The reason California has descended into a third-world hellhole is because of Democrats soft-on-crime policies that defund the police and view the criminals as the victim and not the taxpaying citizen,” said Johnson.

“Speaking of being a victim, we were literally robbed while filming this video,” he explained.

In-N-Out Burger, most famous for its minimalist burger menu and animal-style fries, announced in January that it would be permanently closing its Oakland location on March 24, citing “ongoing issues with crime.”

“We have made the decision to close our In-N-Out Burger location in Oakland, California, due to ongoing issues with crime. Despite taking repeated steps to create safer conditions, our Customers and Associates are regularly victimized by car break-ins, property damage, theft, and armed robberies,” said Denny Warnick, Chief Operating Officer of the company, in a press release.

Oakland has seen a 43 percent increase in strong-armed robberies within the last year, according to stats from Nov. 2023. The city’s violent crime reached its highest numbers since the crime wave of the 90s.

  • John says:

    You noticed that it’s all Blacks doing the Stealing!! Too bad California people cannot carry guns and start shooting back at these Criminals!!Shoot some of them and it would Stop!!

  • Scott says:

    The irony Is not lost on me. California is becoming a third world state.

  • TD says:

    If this whole freak show right now don’t get turned around it is going to be like this all over the United States

  • RetOwl says:

    I do find the comment referencing the 1/6 alleged criminals being hunted and tracked down yet our criminal justice system can’t find the person or people that attack and trash pregnancy centers that only want to help women with pregnancies and need help with postpartum depression, formula and diapers instead of aborting the babies. The criminals that attacked the Va pregnancy center in Lynchburg have never been brought to justice. All the criminals involved in the smash and grab get off free. Way past time for a change. Stop voting for Democrats!



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