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AP Admits It Has No Evidence to Back Up Its Smear Piece on GOP Senate Candidate Bernie Moreno

The Associated Press is admitting that they have no evidence to back up their claims following a smear campaign article against Ohio Republican Senator candidate Bernie Moreno.

The outlet reported earlier this week in two different pieces that an email address for Moreno had been used to create an account on Adult Friend Finder in 2008. Both AP pieces claimed that the outlet had obtained the “geolocation data” that connected the creation of Moreno’s Adult Friend Finder account to him.

“Beyond the work email, the profile lists Moreno’s correct date of birth, while geolocation data indicates that the account was set up for use in a part of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where property records show Moreno’s parents owned a home at the time,” one article read.

However, the news organization admitted to Breitbart News that it does not have “geolocation data” despite claiming it in two separate articles.

More from the outlet:

So when the Associated Press said it had “geolocation data” associated with the account in question, that would clearly mean that it was saying it had information that the account was created with a specific IP, or internet protocol, address that can be tied to a specific location–something beyond just a zip code provided by whoever created the account. But now it turns out that the AP’s spokeswoman, Easton, is admitting to Breitbart News that the AP did not have anything beyond just that–the supposed “geolocation data” that the AP originally claimed it had was not in fact anything more than what Adult Friend Finder based on what zip code was entered by whoever created the account. That means anyone, anywhere in the world, could have entered that zip code when creating an account, and the so-called “geolocation data” in question would have been exactly the same.

The outlet asked AP if they had any “geolocation data” other than the zip code of the person who made the Adult Friend Finder account with Moreno’s email address. AP said that it did not.

Moreno’s campaign team said that someone interning for the GOP candidate in 2008 created the profile as a prank. His attorneys provided statements from the person who created the profile, confirming that the intern had access to Moreno’s email account.

  • Dan the Man says:

    Moreno and his campaign needs to sue the AP for malicious reporting and slander!

    • RA says:

      I agree. And sue the dirtbag that created that account using his email address while he at it as well as pressing charges too

    • American Patriot says:

      Absolutely, this BS smear crap has to stop. The lying, corrupt media needs to learn a lesson n telling the truth.

      • andrewp says:

        it won’t stop. There is no cost for them to continue so of course they will keep on. Our media has become the propaganda arm that we used to put on china and russia, the only difference is that they are much more embedded in that they used to be legit news sources, but the last decade they have aligned with dems and washington.

  • Slim says:

    Left communist media will print anything they believe they can get away with. Usually they do however now is the time most who suffer their lies should air their cases in court.

  • JB says:

    I miss the days when journalists fact checked their stories before airing them. These story tellers have hurt so many good people and definitely will regret it some day. I don’t listen or watch any of the news programs anymore.



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