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Another Major Company is Closing Its Flagship San Francisco Location

The flagship store AT&T operates in San Francisco will soon close.

Come the beginning of August, residents of the northern California city will see the store, located at 1 Powell Street in the downtown Union Square area, stop operating for good, an AT&T spokesperson told FOX Business on Monday. The major wireless provider’s plans to do so were reported earlier by local outlets.

“Consumer shopping habits continue to change, and we’re changing with them,” the AT&T spokesperson said. “That means serving customers where they are through the right mix of retail stores, digital channels and our phone-based care team.”

The spokesperson said the company was “proud of our continued presence in the community, not only through our retail stores but our local investment in world-class connectivity with our 5G and fiber networks.” Of the multiple other locations AT&T has in the city that will continue to be open to customers, two are within a short distance from the flagship.

Cinemark Holdings, Westfield, Park Hotels & Resorts, Old Navy and Nordstrom have announced closures of locations in downtown San Francisco in the past month or so. The reasons have varied, with Cinemark pointing to “local business conditions” for its Century San Francisco Centre 9 theater and Nordstrom saying the area’s “dynamics.”

San Francisco, which posted a $250 billion annual gross domestic product last year, has been working to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and its economic impacts.

For workers at AT&T’s soon-to-close San Francisco flagship store, they “will be offered jobs at one of the many other retail locations in the city,” the company spokesperson also told FOX Business.

The telecommunications company reported its total headcount as of the end of January at about 160,700 employees.

  • Peggy says:

    It’s all aligned with the WEF and NWO. Destroy the US economy then the likes of china and fehrer soros cand step in and own the US. Remember klaus schwab…”you will own nothing and be happy”????

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