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An Active Volcano Is Spewing $6,000 in Gold Dust Every Day

Money doesn’t grow on trees, but in remote parts of Antarctica, it rains from the skies.

Antarctica, which is home to hundreds of active volcanoes, has one on the continent that spews real gold dust with a monetary value.

Mount Erebus, one of the most intense and southernmost active volcanoes on Earth, is estimated to release roughly 80 grams of gold daily, worth about $6,000, according to IFL Science.

Scientists discovered that its gusts of gas are loaded with tiny crystals of metallic gold.

Gold dust from Mount Erebus can travel far and wide with researchers finding traces of gold in the air up to 621 miles from the volcano.

The volcano sits above a thin slice of crust, allowing molten rock to easily rise from Earth’s interior.

According to NASA, it regularly emits plumes of gas and steam and sometimes expels rock (bombs) in strombolian eruptions.

Mount Erebus overlooks the McMurdo research station on Ross Island and has a lava lake in the summit crater that’s remained active since 1972.

Because the volcano is in a remote location, researchers monitor it using satellites, according to the Smithsonian Institute.

  • Michael T says:

    If it is scattered up to 621 miles, how do they know the exact amount?

  • See more says:

    Oh no climate activist!!! Call Biden to get it to stop putting out all those gases.

    • Tamirose170 says:

      Nah, just tell those activists that “We got it all handled. All of those bad people who cut the tag off their pillow and mattresses; violated Hunting & Fishing violations for using chemical treated lures, or worms raised on worm farms and not in a sustainable way – – those huge Climate Abusers – We’re just going to offer them up to the Climate Volcano Spirit to appease and please them to try to decrease those carbon gases”….. I think then that the Activists would understand. Maybe Greta Thunberg could get herself a decent job there in the Antartica so we’d rarely see her in the Newspaper or TV story anymore

  • Buy a lot of wet vacs and a generator from Harbor Freight and head for Antarctica make millions LOL

  • Tamirose170 says:

    There we go – great location to build the largest US Prison in the world. We have a lot of illegals and a lot of US citizens that have been lawless repeatedly over & over again. We put the largest prison in Antartica and then send 1 Million of the Worst “life sentences” folks there and then put them on Work Crews collecting 6k/gold dust per day and the prison could pretty much be self-sustainable and society wouldn’t have to worry about any of those Prisoners escaping and hiding back among the rest of us. It would take a huge effort on a prisoners part to “escape” a Prison in the Antartica and then how do you fly out of there w/o being noticed? Heck, probably don’t even need a Fence around the place – where they going to run to – Polar Bear snack? They’d be dead in 2 days, in those temperatures and without access to any food or water; so no prisoner would run off. They’ll stay close by – Warm, Food, Bed, Job to keep their mind occupied…. Win/Win situation and IF the Warden has a few problem inmates, well then mark in their file “escaped – presumed dead” and toss them into the Volcano as they did before in a Deal and to appease the Powers that Be (couldn’t hurt).



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