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Tucker Carlson: The US is in a Recession, the Economy Has Been Shrinking All Year

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  • alexander Jacques says:

    What we see and hear is not what is going on.

    • Ram 6 says:

      Yep don’t believe your lying eyes and pocketbook. Everything is fine. Some morons believe that. They work for the government(s) of this country and still think we are on the right track and Joe Biden has the intellect of Einstein.

      • Louis Galmarini says:

        The only time everything will be ‘fine’ is when EVERY SINGLE BASTARD SON-OF-A-BITCH in this current ILLEGITIMATE ‘Administration’ HAS A BULLET IN THEIR HEAD(S). Until then – the suffering will continue.


  • B says:

    Stealing as much as they can until China walks in and takes over.
    They need millions more to die so they can build back better for themselves.

  • syble l. christensen says:

    People working in the Government Don’t have to worry as much because they get more money than the rest of us who worked all our lives for little pay, we have to save to get ahead and save for the times when we can’t work .the big problem is some never learned to save and then ask for government to give them welfare some one should have taught them how to work hard and save for when they can’t work.

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