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Tucker Carlson: The Democratic Party Is Replacing Parents with Itself

  • Paul D Frawley says:

    God save the children from these fucking perverted pedophile demorat monsters. They all need to be hung in the town square for all to see.

    • Mark says:

      The truth is Paul, we are all sinners. We all equally deserve Gods wrath. But, through Jesus, people who acknowledge Jesus , confesses sin, will be given new life, new mind and new heart. A true believer would not want to kill these lost souls but, to have them saved from damnation because as lost and deceived as those lawbreakers are, our own sins are just as bad and we are deceived to take the speck from our brothers eye with a plank in our own in Judgement. Those in sin and deception without love are the Harvest the Lord wants. Every one of them in their own destitute minds needs redemption. No doubt they look vile and disgusting, as do we, but, we ALL have fallen short of the glory and only have one way to salvation and that’s through the death and resurrection of our only key to salvation, Christ Jesus who is mercy full and redemptive of our complete submission to Him as sinners who know with out Him, who is God head of every child born and not born of this earth and has the power to give everlasting life to those who follow the Shepherd.

      • @LadyRoyMustang says:

        While I agree that we are all sinners and equally deserve God’s wrath, I do not agree that we have to just let godless sinners destroy our CHILDREN! There comes a point where we have to speak out against such disgusting, disfiguring practices and not allow satan and his minions to destroy our CHILDREN! These godless will have just enough time to repent and be redeemed by the Lord as they undergo due process and get ready to serve their sentences for such attacks on our CHILDREN! I wouldn’t deny them the Gospel or wish for their eternal damnation, but I WILL fight and protect CHILDREN!

        Seriously, hasn’t anyone ever read the Old Testament? The Lord never put up with this crap then. He used Israel to destroy HIS enemies; those who were committing such evil against CHILDREN and each other! At some point, we have to STAND UP and put our foot down against such things.

        Jesus is full of redemption and mercy, but these people have to actually want it. In the meantime, will you sit back on your hands and not speak out against this evil? Instead you have the nerve to judge brethren for not being merciful enough, and this is so WRONG! The false equivocation (plank verses log, very incorrect interpretation since they are not brethren nor willing to help) that we’re worse than them is exactly that, false. I distinctly remember Jesus mentioning that it would be better for a millstone to be hung around their necks and they be cast into the sea than to defile these little ones. I’m with Jesus on this and stand against your false and fake interpretations.

        Get thee behind me, Satan! You’re a Liar!

  • Mark says:

    It’s the complete description the Lord gave us in his word. “Because they have rebelled and denied Me as their God, after even coming into the flesh as God, Christ Jesus to save the world, they still follow their sins and rebellion against my laws, I will turn them over to their repabate minds.”(statement but not verbatim)… We are in the latter days, of the beginning of the end of time. Anti Christ is setting up false prophets and a totalitarian regime and the house built on a weak foundation will fall. Jesus is the foundation of the rock and the house that will still be standing when wrath storms engulf the Earth. One day, good or bad, EVERY knee will bow. When everything you put your Hope into including the ground you stand on falls, it will then be a time, finally, all truth will be known and you will then know it too. Nothing to hide behind, nothing to speak out your mouth that you can hide behind anymore. Nobody to protect you and no cave to hide in. The Lord is about to bring judgement and your carelessness not not to question all things will be your biggest torment causing gnashing of teeth! You had plenty of time from right now to confess hopelessness without Christ and total repentance in sin. The flesh is a powerful tool Satan uses to get souls but, Jesus says,..” Knock and the door will be opened”…. Seek the Loving God your creator. Fear his Judgement.

  • Barbara Douglas says:

    To both of the Jesus quoting people. It’s an ugly fight. Satan wanted it that way. And one of his favorite tricks is to get Christian’s fighting each other rather than the true issues! Its sooo much easier to ” correct” each other. Stop trying to fix each other’s misquoted, or slightly skewed interpretations, but rather search our own souls, let our lights shine in the dark places God sets us, and walk together leading anyone who is astray, and they see our light, follow us by the Holy Spirits leading! And we all, who are called to His ( Jesus’) purpose, will be welcomed home as good and faithful servants! That way we all face His judgement, and His judgement alone! Not each other’s judgement ( that judgement holds no water anyway!!



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