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Tucker Carlson: The Biden Admin’s New Rule Will Punish People with High Credit Scores

  • Thomas G Paton says:

    Have you ever seen anyone whiter than Kamalla. I bet her license says she is white.

  • James Kelsey says:

    The Democrats are what hurts this country, they encourage poor credit scores. We need to get Obama out of the White House because he is one of the reasons this Country is having so many problems! He is a Trouble Maker and Biden isn’t running the USA! Watch Out for any Democrat because they making America MESS!!!!!!!!

  • Terry Lynn ReevesHanger says:

    In our 70’s only buy what we can afford, and that horrible man wants to ding us

  • Malen J Smith says:

    WE as a Country, the best in the World, we need Donald J Trump as President

  • Tp says:

    I don’t understand the racism point, low income is code for Government subsidized housing to people who refuse to better there lives. The folks who been on the government tit since birth is not bound to skin color. My experience of having neighbors like this isn’t pleasant. Actually they destroy an otherwise decent neighborhood in short order. My home is an investment and “Home”. I certainly wouldn’t welcome bad behaving neighbors.



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