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Tucker Carlson: The Biden Admin’s New Rule Will Punish People with High Credit Scores

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  • I didn’t think he had the power to discriminate against people that have worked hard for their credit scores We already pay taxes and now this If those people need help it shows that they will not be able to afford the payments insurance utilities property taxes These people are used and confused Biden is just like the realtor all there care about is getting funded and both parties knowing that they are setting up these people to fail So in this process the banks can claim that they can’t take the losses from foreclosures So then they are authorized to give us an IOU and use or money for their losses It is legal I think they passed this law when Obama was visiting the White House Seriously this is going to happen Those people will not have money to eat or buy gas to go to work and you even put more on them because Biden and his fucking electric bullshit He is a fucking criminal and should not have any say Lock his ass up with the Jan 6 people The only thing wrong with that is the Jan 6 people didn’t break the law Biden is a treasonous criminal and the head of the Biden crime family They have sex sites in South America and prostitution is a big part of it Why are they not charging them with RICO I want these conspirators taken down like any other crime family This is costing the taxpayers big time for Biden’s ridiculous bullshit I think everyone should say fuck Biden or Brandon

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