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Tucker Carlson: Another Attempt by Leaders of Our Country to Inflame Racial Hatred in the United States

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  • Fucker Arseson says:

    You Tucker Carlson are the Racial Agitator. Well done, I look forward to seeing how you will use this to encourage RACIAL TENSION.

    • Louis Galmarini says:

      Your name alone tells us you have an obsessive resentment against Tucker Carlson. I hear your mother calling you for supper from the top of the basement stairs. You better go eat. it’s (obviously), the only thing you’ve learned how to do well…

    • OH Conservative says:

      You don’t make sense. Black on Black violence isn’t race related, unless you are saying maybe the cops were Republican and that makes them white. Get real.

      • Russian says:

        Or cops maybe didn’t vote for sniffing joe. Do you remember how hr said to blacks: “You are not blacks if you don’t vote for me”.

    • Glenn says:

      BS, The True Racial Agitator’s Are ASSTIFA. ASSTIFA Is A Gang Of
      Basement Dwelling Uneducated Scumbags Encouraging Racial Tension.
      ASSTIFA Is Nothing But A HATE Gang.

  • eftina says:

    I personally give Tucker a lot of credit. He is the only one on MSM that is brave enough to tell the truth as he sees it. I have pretty much given up on MSM, news, print etc. A headline is all I need to see these days to surmise what narrative they are trying to say to the sheep that have not yet awakened. Jesse is my second choice. And other than that I believe Fox is part of the narrative too. I sure do miss Walter Cronkite and others who just related the facts without slathering them over with their full of baloney script. People would be wise to give up their addictions and pay close attention to what is going on here. It is propaganda at it’s finest and it is sad to realize that this country is being undermined right before out eyes. Let’s all not let MSM control our minds.

    • Frugalone says:

      Walter Cronkite fooled most of the nation he caused the US to lose the War in Vietnam. Research it yourself.

  • Okie Woman says:

    What I saw is a young black man NOT responding to the orders of the police. I’m sorry, you MUST obey the police! He was NOT complying!

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