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“You Will Sit” – Biden Caught Taking List of Commands From His Handlers

Joe Biden’s remarks and actions at the G20 have revealed his strange priorities.

It surely does not seem like his priority is America. Indeed, his priority seems to be to say whatever is necessary (translate: lie) for the Democrats to hold onto power. He promised student loan forgiveness, despite knowing it was unconstitutional and that it likely would be stopped by the courts, as indeed it was. Yet, he didn’t care if it hoodwinked people on the left, as long as it got votes for the Democrats.

Biden was asked on Tuesday about the missile that killed two people in Poland that some initially thought might have come from Russia. That would potentially have implicated a whole raft of world reactions if that were the case. “Can you tell us what you know so far about the explosion in Poland, sir?” a reporter asked Joe Biden. Biden’s response about such a vital issue? “No.”


That was essentially a “You don’t have a right to know. How dare you ask me? All press, now get out.” None of the people at that table inspire any confidence at all.

Biden did expand more when he was pressed on it later. “Mr. President, is it too early to say whether this missile was fired from Russia?” a reporter inquired.

“It’s unlikely in the minds of the trajectory that it was fired from Russia,” Biden replied. Does trajectory have a mind? Who knew? But at least he finally got around to telling us what the reality was before we were launched into World War III, although he was hesitant to even say that.

Now, as we reported, the preliminary investigation revealed that the explosion and the deaths were likely caused by an errant air defense missile fired by the Ukrainians. So at least at this point, it appears to be an unfortunate accident.

But I think one of the reasons he is sometimes hesitant to respond is because when he’s not prepared, it’s a problem. So they may try to put it off until he is.

At the G20, there was another example revealed of how much help/explicit instruction Biden needs in how to deal with just basic things, in a photo that Fox’s Brian Kilmeade posted.

What does it say that he needs such instructions to operate, even having to tell him he sits in the middle of the table? Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen such instructions from his handlers. The notes are notes on a level appropriate for a five-year-old.

But if it wasn’t embarrassing enough, knowing that we have a person in charge that needs notes of that depth, Biden capped it off with what he was focusing on during one of the G20 events — the size of some man’s biceps. I can’t believe he said this, but I suppose after covering Biden for so long, nothing should shock me anymore.

“I very much worry about this guy’s biceps, His biceps are as big as my calf,” he said, referring to a nearby man. “I hope we’re on the same side,” Biden continued.

“Sir, he’s Russian,” someone replied, although it was not clear if that was true or a joke. But even that didn’t stop Biden from admiring the man’s arms, “I don’t care who he is. He’s got some real biceps. We call them guns.”

But seriously, this is what the alleged leader of the free world is focused on at such an event? Why does he have such trouble with just normal proper interaction with people? I suppose we should be grateful that at least he didn’t sniff the man, as he does with women and little girls.

  • Louis Galmarini says:

    This pathetic, mumbling, bumbling piece of shit deserves a bullet in the head. Put him down and be done w/ it.

  • cathy says:




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