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Women Roast Clothing Company for Featuring a Bearded Man Wearing Dresses

Women sounded off in the comments of an Instagram post that apparently features a bearded man sporting Son de Flor dresses.

The post, in which David Ross Lawn can be seen sporting the women’s apparel, appears on both Lawn’s and Son de Flor’s Instagram feeds.

Many women blasted the company and lamented the woke post.

“Oh for goodness sake. That’s it. I’m not dealing with this company again. Have had a gut full of this perverted agenda against women. UNFOLLOWING,” one person declared.

“Unfollowing, and never purchasing again. Might go so far as to get rid of what I have. Way to ruin it…. Men can NEVER be women!” another person said.

“Way to oppress women yet again with men in women’s spaces. Bye,” another person wrote.

“That’s really sad that you also felt like you had jump on the current bandwagon. I love your dresses and have taken my favorite pictures in it! Sadly I can no longer support your brand,” another person wrote.

“Unfollow. No need to associate with a brand that wont protect womens spaces. Disgusting,” someone else said.

“What’s your return policy? I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing your dresses, this is not the look modest, conservative, WOMEN are after,” someone wrote.

But other commenters had a very different take: “Absolutely beautiful!” one person wrote adding, “Their dresses suit you so well.”

Son de Flor’s Instagram account includes a link to a page on the company’s website that featues “Linen Clothing For Women.”

Lawn has many social media posts in which he can be seen wearing dresses. In one such post he included the hashtags #genderfluid, #genderfluidpride, #genderfluidfashion, #menindresses, #genderfluidstyle, and #lgbtqfashion.


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A post shared by David Ross Lawn (@davidrosslawn)

  • Snickers says:

    Dude in a dress…..with a beard no less, smh..
    Look how Mr penis is moving, stupid smile, and the thumbs up, ya, umm, ok it’s clearly obvious this MAN feels completely stupid and knows HE looks ridiculous and incredibly stupid.
    BTW, dude, there isn’t a REAL WOMAN, that moves like you are here, or has the “imma dumb ass fool” look, nope, ya look like a STUPID DUDE in a dress just like you are. Your mom and dad must be sooo proud of you, your a total embarrassment to them, mark my words, they hand their head is shame over you. Get right with Jesus buddyboy…

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