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Winter Weather Alerts for 10 States as Heavy Snow Forecast

Winter weather alerts are in place for parts of 10 states as a storm over Maine is expected to bring several rounds of snow to New England, while northern states will be subject to two storm systems into the weekend.

The National Weather Service (NWS) has issued advisories for Alaska, the Dakotas, Illinois, Iowa, Maine, Minnesota, Montana, New York and Wisconsin. Winter storm warnings are also in place for Alaska, Maine and Montana.

In what has been a harsh winter across the U.S., earlier in March, a powerful winter storm from the Pacific brought in excess of 12 feet of snow to the Sierra Nevada range, as well as several feet of snow and blizzard conditions to higher-elevation regions of neighboring states.

Another winter storm made landfall earlier the same week before moving into the Intermountain West, bringing intense snowfall from Utah to Wyoming and Colorado.

In its latest forecast, the NWS said wintry conditions are set to make a “strong return” over the coming days, with a storm over Maine already producing heavy areas of snowfall across the state.

Additional snow is forecast for Thursday evening, before another winter storm arrives in New England late on Friday and into Saturday, with at least 8 inches of snowfall predicted for the region.

“Residents and visitors are advised to remain weather aware and plan ahead if traveling between Friday night and Saturday in this part of the country due to the possibility of treacherous travel,” the meteorological agency said.

In Maine, up to 13 inches of snow and winds gusting as high as 55 miles an hour are predicted for some parts, with isolated power outages possible due to strong winds downing trees and power lines.

In New York counties bordering Lake Ontario, up to 4 inches of lake-effect snow is anticipated, with winds of up to 40 miles an hour creating areas of blowing and drifting snow.

Lake-effect snow is a phenomenon in which cold air picks up moisture from relatively warm bodies of water to produce precipitation. In the Great Lakes region, it is usually produced by a Clipper system moving cold air down from Canada.

Snowfall is also expected across a swathe of the north stretching from the Rockies to the Great Lakes with the arrival of two storm systems.

The first is already spreading light to moderate snow over Montana and the Dakotas, but is set to expand by Friday, with the heaviest amounts of snowfall predicted from northwest Montana to central Michigan.

“In case this round of snow wasn’t enough, a separate system is forecast right on the heels of the first and expected to begin spreading snowfall throughout the Northern Plains on Saturday,” the NWS said.

“Heavy snow is likely throughout the Sierra and high elevations of the Intermountain West, central and northern Rockies. Additional heavy snow and winter weather impacts will continue into early next week across much of the northern Plains.”

In Montana, up to 18 inches of snowfall is forecast in Glacier National Park through to Sunday evening, with lower totals in other parts of the state. Freezing drizzle may produce a light glaze of ice.

In North Dakota, 6 inches of snow is expected, with locally higher amounts possible. In northeastern South Dakota, 5 inches of snow is possible.

This will continue into central and southeastern Minnesota, where up to 5 inches of snow is predicted. The system will move into central and southern Wisconsin, where up to 8 inches of snow is forecast into Friday.

There is also the chance that a wintry mix of precipitation will result in icing across southwest Wisconsin and into northeastern Iowa. In Iowa, up to 5 inches of snow is forecast.

In northern counties of Illinois, between 4 and 5 inches of snow is anticipated, along with the potential for an icy glaze that could make roads slippery.

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    My gut just got knotted – I wonder how many homeless Veterans will be found dead & frozen after this storm? They normally had a place to go to spare themselves against the snow, sleet and ice and could find shelter that was warm and warm meals; but since Joe put illegals in front of our Veterans – I have this God awful feeling looming over me. IF there were a way I could book 2 or 3 rooms at a motel and ONLY allow Veterans to stay; I’d be glad to do so – but Joe and his NGO’s probably have all of those filled up with illegals.

    So where did all of our illegal Veterans go? It’s strange that I’ve not read any articles or follow up that they were provided free bus or plane tickets to go to a warmer climate; or a ticket to get closer to where the Homeless Veteran might have family nearby – So where did the Homeless US Veterans go that were displaced?

    Did they get “lost” at the hand of the government just like all of those school children who were sent home from School in Hawaii before the fire re-ignited. Last I heard, we’re missing around 85,000 children between Hawaii and those that crossed the border with an address written in Sharpie on their arm. Where are our US Veterans that are homeless & kicked to the curb by Joe Bidens’ America.

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