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Watch: Woman Has Meltdown in DC After Seeing Trump Hat and Issues Threat to Reporter

Washington, DC- Trump Derangement Syndrome runs deeps in the nation’s Capitol and Today News Africa reporter Simon Ateba was on the receiving end of the treatment.

What makes things even worse is Ateba had nothing to do with the display of support for the 45th President.

According to Ateba, he was at a bus stop and on a video call with a white friend who was in Florida when another lady arrived and had a racist meltdown. She used an anti-white slur to describe Ateba’s friend all because she was wearing a pro-Trump hat and started demanding to know whether Ateba stood with his friend. Then she threatened Ateba in a nasty fashion.

The video Ateba shares on X (formally Twitter) picks up where the woman is getting off the bus. The reporter then starts walking up to her and indeed asks her to repeat what he said to her. She denies saying a word to him and instead started ranted about people wearing Donald Trump hats.

I wasn’t saying anything to you. I don’t like people who wear Donald Trump hats. That’s what I said. I ain’t said sh*t to you!

The woman then starts walking away while angrily ranting about how much she hates Trump supporters as Ateba continues to follow her. Then she stops and issues a verbal threat:

I know you can’t record me, cause I can have you locked up!

Ateba said he felt attacked by the woman.

I was just attacked in Washington DC because of Trump. After my morning jog, I was on a video call with a friend in Florida who was wearing Trump cap and a lady who joined me at the bus stop went into a rage. She called my friend a white b..tch wearing the m..fckr devil. Are you supporting him? Are you? She asked me. She said it was the worst thing she has seen today.

It was so shocking that after we got off the bus I asked her to repeat what she said, she went into a rage, threatened to even ‘lock me up’ for recording her. Haha! This is for you to understand how deep has propaganda has spread here and how tough the battle ahead will be.


Ateba in his next post elaborated that the angry woman saw the hat “very briefly” on his phone and reminds people incidents like this explain why Trump cannot get a fair trail in DC.

He closes by calling on people to support true independent journalists and other patriots in the face of this poprganda and hatred.

Remember, I was not the one wearing the cap. She saw it very briefly on my phone and went into a rage. I don’t know what would have happened if I were the one wearing it. It’s a bit unbelievable that Trump could get a fair trial here as the judges may also face consequences if ruling does not go as widely ‘expected’ here…..My friend who was on the phone with me is also a journalist connected with me here on X.

Just so you understand, people are being attacked for simply wearing a hat or cap, for their political views, not for saying or doing anything to anyone, just minding their business! Tough election ahead, folks! Just support independent journalists and others as much as you can. Propaganda is deep!!!!

  • cj says:

    Just about ever demo i have come across is so stupid i have to walk away and their freedom depends on demo liars to keep so call in slaved ,They all think they were born into slavery and should get free the rest of their lives ha ha ha .Evil most are blmkkk evil kill each pother more than any white cop or man .fact .

  • Martin Luther says:

    Dat fat ass nigga is afraid of losing her. Food stamps, welfare check, unemployment check, government housing, and the rest of the freebies the rest of us pay for!. F her and anyone that acts like her! Just another uncle Tom niglet on the Democratic plantation! We need a few alligators up here to clean up these fucking leaches!

  • The Admiral says:

    Are you on your way to the free dentist? Looks like you need some dental work. Smile your on Candid Camera. TRUMP 2024 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • D says:

    Just shows how deranged some of the trash can be.

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