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Pro-Antifa Guardian Journalist Doxxes Anonymous Right-Wing Publisher

The Guardian has gone to great lengths to dox the holder of an anon X account called Lomez, unveiling the man’s identity and proclaiming him to be—gasp—the man behind Passage Press, a publishing company that runs a magazine called Man’s World, sells “Gone Golfin'” balls caps, and reprints old Joseph Conrad works, among others.

Reporter Jason Wilson details the identity of Lomez as “a key player and an influential tastemaker in a burgeoning proto-fascist movement,” saying that he has spent years in “far-right internent forums.” So what does Wilson uncover?

Turns out that the man behind Lomez has an MFA and was a lecturer at the university level who now works in publishing within the realm of the parallel economy, a group of enterprises and services that eschew the liberal order and stake a new claim to American culture.

Wilson claims that Lomez built a literary prize as part of Passage Press in order to “build out alternative infrastructure, alternative institutions.”

Apparently for Wilson, and his acolytes on the far left, using your hard-earned university skills to pursue your passion outside of the vaunted institutions steeped in American leftism is just a big fat no-no.

Christopher Rufo weighed in on both Lomez and Wilson, saying “Lomez is a former college basketball player, gifted writer, successful publisher, and devoted family man. Jason Wilson, by contrast, is a human worm, who traffics in smears and pestered Lomez’s wife while working on this story. Even the mafia has a greater sense of decency.”

As for Wilson, intelligence expert Mike Benz exposed the doxxer as a man who worked for Bellingcat, has a PhD in “media history,” and self-styled himself as a man who “tracks extremist movements.”

“So the guy who doxxed Lomez also worked for Bellingcat, the CIA-beloved “private intelligence agency” sustained for years by direct grants from the CIA’s top cut-out, NED,” Benz said.

Wilson’s bio with Bellingcat, an Antifa-adjacent publication, reads that he “is an investigative journalist who tracks the political right and extremist movements. Earlier in 2020, he revealed the identity of international neo-nazi network, The Base, using open source investigative methods. Along with his reporting at The Guardian and other outlets, Wilson is the author of many peer-reviewed articles and book chapters, and holds a PhD in media history. He lives in Oregon.” For that outlet, he’s written on “The Boogaloo Movement” as well as a “Far-Right Group’s Plans for Portland Violence.”

Quillette reported in 2019 that Wilson “actively leverages his role as a regular Guardian writer to promote Antifa, whitewash its violence, and signal-boost its leaders (whom he presents as ‘experts’)—often under the guise of neutral news reporting.” The outlet goes on to report that Wilson has been able “to mingle freely among Antifa” while other reporters are harassed and sometimes attacked.

The article states that “In one piece, titled ‘How the world has fought back against the violent far-right and started winning,’ Wilson effectively drops the pretense that he is a neutral reporter, and approvingly outlines the Antifa tactics set out in Bray’s book. He also defends such tactics as doxing, stalking, deplatforming and shaming as valuable means to attack individuals whose views he dislikes.”

Jack Posobiec pointed out that doxxing is a violation of X’s terms of service and Wilson, along with The Guardian, should at least have their tweets exposing Lomez removed from the platform. Musk said “The Guardian sucks donkey [dick].”

Author Steve Sailor, who publishes with Passage Press, shared a photo of the man behind Lomez from his days teaching at UC Irvine.

“The Guardian” has doxxed my Passage Press editor as a cultured, witty, athletic family man, but although they ran pictures of uninvolved randos like Kyle Rittenhouse, they didn’t run any of Lomez. So here’s one of [Lomez] from when he taught at UC Irvine,” he wrote.

Wilson and The Guardian had chosen not to publish a photo of the well-adjusted looking man. Sailer said “In the above readily available photo that “The Guardian” chose not to post in its exhaustive doxxing of my editor at Passage Press, Lomez, the U. of California at Irvine lecturer appears to be taking his family to Disneyland.”

Sailer shared a photo of Wilson.

Raw Egg Nationalist offered his commentary on Wilson as well.

In reply to the story, Lomez posted “This person has been stalking ‘Lomez’ for months. He is a Portland-based ANTIFA activist paid by a multi-billion dollar media conglomerate to harass people. He’s been emailing and texting presumed former colleagues. Texting my wife. Attempting to get friends fired from their jobs for merely knowing me. Invoking my deceased father. Threatening to ‘expose’ my blog posts from 20 years ago, my high school and college athletic achievements (please do), and even my nickname from middle-school. A truly deranged individual.”

“There is no story here of course,” Lomez continued. “None of this passes even the lowest of journalistic standards. It’s obsessive, delusional behavior intended to activate the violent leftist mobs who he calls his friends and who share in his delusions. Legal action is certainly on the table.”

“I founded Passage Press,” he said, “on the thesis that Americans desire new and innovative ideas and don’t want to be stuck in the same cul-de-sac of stale thinking and empty pieties represented by has-been, failing publications like the Guardian. I was right.”

“Passage Press will clear a million in sales by the end of this year,” Lomez continued in the X thread. “I am proud of what we’ve built. There is an army of like-minded people behind us, which is why the doxxer has gone after us, because, like all of his ilk, he is motivated by the self-hate and petty resentments of having to confront his betters. It is not that he is going to lose; it’s that he has already lost. And the best he can do is nip at the heels of those of us marching tall and proud into the future.”

“I regret nothing. I apologize for nothing. God bless you all, even the haters.”

  • Tom says:

    Just a friendly reminder, you can legally shoot the asshole if he tries to get in your house and also remember hefty hefty hefty.

  • Scurvydog says:

    I hate Antifa and all other communist organizations that are trying, and so far succeeding, to ruin our culture. That means that Wilson is simply dog crap on my shoe, and we all know what happens to dog crap. Sooner or later he will wake up in hell like the two democrats who campaigned so well for Biden in California recently did.



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