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Watch: Vivek Destroys WaPo Reporter Over Dumb Gotcha Question About ‘White Supremacy’

By now, one might think that the liberal media would know better than to try to ask a gotcha question of Vivek Ramaswamy. But alas, they have not yet learned that lesson.

On Wednesday, a Washington Post reporter ridiculously asked him to “condemn white supremacy and white nationalism” and was utterly destroyed as a result.

“I’m not — I’m not going to recite some catechism for you,” Ramaswamy began. “I’m against vicious racial discrimination in this country. So I’m not pledging allegiance to your new religion of modern wokeism which absolutely fits the test.”

“I’m not going to bend the knee to your religion. I’m sorry, I’m not asking you to bend the knee to mine and I’m not going to bend the knee to yours. But do I condemn vicious racial discrimination? Yes, I do. Am I going to play your silly game of ‘Gotcha’? No, I’m not. And frankly, this is why people have lost trust [in the media].”

Ramaswamy continued, “And I know you’re going to go print the headline tomorrow. I already know this, we already know how your game works. ‘Vivek Ramaswamy Refuses to Condemn Racism,’ because you asked a stupid question. The reality is, I condemn vicious racial discrimination in this country, but the kind of vicious and systematic racism we see today is discrimination on the basis of race in a very different direction.”

“You want to know what the best way is to end discrimination on the basis of race?” Vivek asked.

“Stop discriminating on the basis of race. Do that, and we’re going to move this country forward, and I don’t care whether you’re black or white or brown or anything in between. That’s how we’re going to unite this country.”

Ramaswamy then went on to blast the media for intentionally using race to divide our nation.

“You people have been responsible for dividing this country to a breaking point, creating a projection of national division. I meet people from the South Side of Chicago to meetings like this one — of every shade of melanin […] man to woman, doesn’t make a difference — who are hungry for reviving unity in this country. And you, with your catechism that you try to get politicians to — whatever fake headline you’re going to print on the basis of this conversation tomorrow — that’s what’s dividing this country to a breaking point. Shame on you. Look people in the eye and tell them what you’ve actually failed to tell them for the last five years. Own the accountability for your own failures as the media — that’s how we rebuild trust in this country. And until then, I don’t have a lot of patience to play the games.”


Vivek previously went viral when an Iowa voter challenged him on LGBTQ issues. He responded by pointing out the blatant inconsistencies of the movement, namely its original claim that sexual orientation is hardwired at birth, which was a foundation of the gay rights movement, to the current belief that one’s biological sex can be fluid throughout life. He also pointed out contradictions in the feminist movement, which initially embraced diverse expressions of womanhood but now suggests any deviation from traditional womanhood means that a woman is actually a man.

  • Patti F says:

    I just can’t help but really like this man. I know he won’t be President but maybe Trump will find a place for him in his administration

    • Welcome to Bizarro World ! says:

      Yes, Vivek would make an excellent press secretary for President Trump.

    • Rood says:

      Me, too. The more I read about his statements, etc., the more I like him.

    • southersgolfer says:

      At first I was not really sure about him. He is a very smart man. Lately he has come out like this to push back on a lot of wokeism which I like. I have changed my opinion on him because of issues like this. He would be a good fit in the next administration. We need people like this.

  • D says:

    About time some politician’s took the media to task.

  • Truth seaker says:

    Vivek has some past rough edges, however, I think he would make a great VP choice or another high cabinet position for the future Trump administration…He’ll get his presidential nod eventually… He is a clear thinker…

  • Rita says:

    You go Vivek!!!!

  • DEE says:

    I liked Vivek from the 1st debate! He is smart, has great Ideas on pling this country out of this mess, handles himself well! I would love to see him as President. I WILL NOT VOTE HALEY!!

    • Sally says:

      Why would you Vote for Vivek vs Trump? Like Vivek and know Trump would offer him the perfect position to crush the Radical Left’s Ideology.



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