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Rumer Willis Gives an Update on Her Father Bruce’s Battle with Dementia

Rumer Willis spoke exclusively with about her ‘amazing’ baby daughter Louetta, embracing her postpartum body and also provided an update on her father Bruce Willis’ dementia battle.

She did so while attending the premiere of her new film My Divorce Party at the 2024 Beverly Hills Film Festival on Wednesday.

Rumer, 35, welcomed one-year-old Louetta, her first child with boyfriend Derek Thomas, in April 2023.

Louetta is also the first grandchild for Bruce, 69, and ex-wife Demi Moore, 61.

The House Bunny star gushed to that she feels ‘very blessed’ to be Louetta’s mom and that she is ‘the most amazing kid.’

‘She’s so happy and wonderful and smiley. She’s joyful all of the time.’

Beaming with confidence, Rumer looked fabulous in a strapless black minidress as she posed for photos on the red carpet ahead of the screening.

The star, who often appears on Instagram rocking bikinis, spoke about how motherhood has changed her body image for the better,

Specifically, the actress hasn’t felt the pressure to ‘snap back’ after pregnancy and has, instead, embraced the postpartum journey.

‘What’s been amazing is that I feel that having a kid and being postpartum and still breastfeeding has really allowed me the space. Like, I’ve made no rush to dive in and change anything,’ she explained.

‘If anything I probably eat more freely. I’m still breastfeeding, so anything I take away from myself, I take it away [from my daughter].

‘It’s given me a real freedom to allow my body to do whatever it’s gonna do.’

Rumer’s younger sisters Scout, 32, and Tallulah, 30, were ‘babysitting’ Louetta for the night so that she could attend Wednesday’s premiere.

Although she felt ‘a little nervous’ being away from Louetta, Rumer knew her baby girl was in great hands.

‘[My sisters are] really great with her,’ she said.

The Willis family has remained extremely tight knit despite Demi and Bruce’s divorce in 2000 after 13 years of marriage.

They celebrate holidays together along with Bruce’s new wife, Emma Hemming Willis, and their two young daughters and they have rallied around the Glass actor amid his tragic health battle.

Rumer said that baby Louetta’s ‘face lights up’ when she hears her phone’s FaceTime ringer as she knows it’s an incoming call from family.

‘She’ll try to grab the phone and see who’s on it and her face lights up with a megawatt smile.’

Rumer gushed over how ‘sweet’ it’s been to see Demi become a grandmother.

‘I think grandmas are inherently very different than how they are as mothers to a certain extent because it’s all of the joy [of a child] without any of the responsibility,’ she explained. ‘There’s just such sweetness.’

Rumer then gave an update on Bruce, who retired from acting in 2022 after being diagnosed with aphasia and later frontotemporal dementia, and how she hopes their family’s resiliency can inspire others.

‘For me, through this experience, what’s been so incredible is my dad is so loved and I feel that’s been so evident in the transparency in which we’ve been sharing [updates on his health],’ she explained.

All three of the Willis girls, Demi and Emma have used Instagram to share insight on Bruce’s condition as well as how their family is coping.

Rumer said that if sharing their experience can bring ‘hope or comfort to others experiencing [something similar], then to me that’s everything.’

Although Bruce’s ailments are terminal, Rumer told fans that the legendary actor is currently doing ‘really good.’

Rumer then shared the ‘greatest’ lesson that she’s learned from parents Demi and Bruce and how ‘laughter’ was essential in their household growing up.

‘One of my favorite things [that I’ve learned] from both of them is [having] a level of silliness and goofiness and not taking yourself seriously,’ she said.

Referencing a recent Instagram post she shared of Bruce and Demi hanging out together in matching jumpsuits, Rumer stressed that her parents always encourage her and her sisters to be ‘weird and silly’ and ‘really allowed us the space to be expressive.’

She continued: ‘That was so important because a lot of the time, especially when you’re growing up as a “nepo baby” or whatever, that you have to act a certain way and you have to be a certain way.’

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, Rumer expressed joy over getting to celebrate it as a mother herself for the second time.

‘It’s still so surreal for me that I get to celebrate Mother’s Day,’ she gushed.

As for the plans in store with her mom and sisters, Rumer said that they may do another Mother’s Day ‘girls’ brunch’ like they did last year.

  • RA says:

    Glad to hear Bruce is doing good and Rumer is happy with her children and that her career is doing well. I lost my father twelve years ago to dementia

  • prsmith says:

    She needs to change Bruce’s diet. It’s killing him.

    Go Carnivore, Bruce!!



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