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Watch: Thug Threatens to Shoot Liquor Store Owner and Runs Off When He Pulls Out His Own Gun

A robbery was thwarted when a liquor store owner noticed something odd about his assailant and pulled out his own gun in an incident from southern California.

The incident was captured on surveillance video at the Cousins Liquor Store on Harbor Boulevard in the city of Fountain Valley, according to the Fountain Valley Police Department.

Jacko Sadek told KABC-TV that he was calm throughout the attempted robbery on Thursday night because he had been robbed at gunpoint before.

The video shows the suspect running into the store dressed in all black with sunglasses, a bandana over his face, and waving what looked like a gun, but Sadek wasn’t fooled.

“It looks like a kid, and the gun looks so fake… like a plastic toy. At that time, I pulled my gun, so whenever he saw my gun, he just ran away,” Sadek told KABC.

The video shows the suspect aiming the gun at Sadek before the store owner reaches under the counter and grabs his gun. When he points it at the suspect, the man runs out of the store with Sadek giving chase. Police say there was a getaway car waiting for him in the alley outside.

A similar story unfolded on Wednesday when the owner of a Texas convenience store opened fire on two suspects who were trying to rob him after he came back from the bank. His employee saw the confrontation and began firing at the suspects as well. Both of the suspects were killed while their getaway driver was able to get away.

“We don’t ever advocate violence or crime, but our citizens do have the right to defend themselves and choices have consequences,” said Houston Police Assistant Chief Chandra Hatcher in that case.

Here’s a local news report about the incident:

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