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Watch: Supercut of Dramatic Dems Freaking Out Over ‘Dictator’ Trump

In a hilarious repeat from 2016, ivory tower leftists are absolutely freaking out about the prospect of Donald Trump getting back into the White House, now that multiple polls show that Trump isn’t just on track to sweep the GOP primary field – but he’d smoke Biden if a malarkey-free 2024 election were held today.

In early December, several news outlets published articles warning that a second Trump term would turn America into a dictatorship.

And as Victor Davis Hanson noted earlier this week, the Left has gone hysterical, after experiencing a trifecta of frightening 2024 news.

One, current polls in the primaries and in a general election for now show that Trump would win.

Two, unequivocal evidence is mounting that the Bidens are one of the most corrupt political families in American presidential history

Three, Joe Biden’s cognitive decline and feebleness have reached a point where he is one fall, one bad cold, or one long brain-freeze away from incapacity.

At the same time, establishment talking heads have taken to the air waves to ‘remind’ the American public what a threat Trumpus Julius Caesar is to the Republic (perhaps with Vivek Antony as VP?).

Tom Elliott of Grabian has put together a supercut of leftists and Rinos losing their minds over a Trump return. A few snippets:

“He cannot be the next president, because if he is…”

“You can’t imagine the things that he’s going to do. Mexico. Canada. We can’t go to Canada because eventually Canada will become annex to America.”

“He can shoot the first lady”

“We’re going to see violence, the likes of which we didn’t even see on January 6th”

“He will make himself into the fuhrer, and he will make everybody raise their hand and salute him.”

“Using martial law against the American people.”

“Terminate the constitution.”


  • Proud Veteran says:

    The one comment that was not made was, “his son will be caught spending massive amounts of money on drugs and prostitutes”, but otherwise every comment made on this video, described the biden administrations actions and accomplishments to a tee! Its blatant hypocrisy! By the way, lizard cheney got voted out of office for being a POS, so theres that!

  • Air Force Vet says:

    I needed a good laugh today and by gosh, this clip gave it to me. Keep up the good jokes democrats

  • jericho says:

    the left regularly confuses hysteria with facts . . .



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