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Watch: Patriot Front-Like Characters Get Swarmed and Unmasked, Brawl Ensues

We’re now in a time where we see all kinds of hoaxes, false flags, and now, AI fake images — all trying to manipulate people.

We saw the Russia collusion hoax deceive millions of people, and some are still held in its thrall and don’t yet know the truth — or the involvement of the Clinton team in trying to push information to smear the Trump team.

Despite Republicans being the party of law and order and the decades of leftist riots — including the BLM/Antifa rampages of 2020 — the media and Democrats like to try to use Jan. 6 as a way to smear Republicans as violent and somehow “extremist MAGA.”

One of the things that has been floating out there for a few years that has caused a lot of speculation is the Patriot Front group. Many speculate on them being “feds” because of their manner, the way they dress, and the way they operate. They show up in a town, pile out of U-hauls, march around, then pile back into the vehicles, as we’ve reported in the past. Some of them were arrested in Cour d’Alene, Idaho, last year and identified at that time, as we reported.

People on the right mock them because whatever they are, they aren’t conservative, and everyone wants them unmasked. Every time Joe Biden talks about the threat from “white supremacy,” it seems like the Patriot Front makes an appearance, as we noted when they showed up in May in D.C.

But it looks like even the Patriot Front may have its imitators/folks who look similar, as a video that went viral on Sunday showed. It depicted a group that resembles the Front showing up in Portland and has received about 7.5 million views at this point.

The rally participants included Proud Boys (that’s the guys in black and yellow hats/shirts), who wanted nothing to do with these characters and proceeded to try to unmask them.

The rally participants didn’t want to be smeared by being associated with these characters and yelled “racists” at them. Things got pretty spicy as they ripped off their masks, and the imitators were panicked they’d be revealed. A brawl ensued with some; then, the police had to intervene to separate the groups.

Warning for language:

One of the guys who was unmasked was terrified his face was going to be seen, so he covered it with his hands and then his jacket. The effort came a little too late, and folks are already trying to figure out who some of these guys are. While they’re similar in their outfit, they’re also off a bit — they don’t have the tan hats, and Patriot Front guys wear light color masks. Also, the shirts are a bit different. A local from Portland claimed that they were part of a nationalist group based in the area. Others questioned whether such groups are astroturfed, including by leftists.

  • Bobbie says:

    Maybe the FEDS are purposely trying to change up their “costume”. They realize that we wouldn’t all look alike is we organized, some would have different hats etc. They aren’t completely stupid, just mostly.

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