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Watch or Be Punished: Teacher Threatens Students Who Criticized LGBT Video Shown in Math Class

A video has been circulating on social media showing students in a classroom reacting negatively to a Pride video being shown to them. Amid numerous students jeering and booing, a teacher is heard threatening students with “Saturday school” if they don’t “knock it off.”

The clip purportedly was shown in a math class in Edison High School in Huntington Beach, California. The date the video was shown is unclear.

Early in the clip, the teacher gives an initial warning for unruly students to “stop!”

When the negative reactions continue, the teacher adds, “Hey, I’m warning you guys now, if you’re gonna be inappropriate, I will have supervision down and give all of you a Saturday school for next year. So knock it off.”


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While many have reacted harshly toward the teacher in question as if airing the clip was her idea, conservative commentator Robby Starbuck — who posted the clip on Twitter — noted in a subsequent tweet that “some 10th grade students came forward to tell me that this video was played in ALL classes that day, not just math class. They’re upset about it and want the school to refrain from playing videos like this.”

Another Twitter user — @inminivanhell — made a similar claim on Twitter, saying the clip was shown in all classes and actually is from the student news channel.

That Twitter user added, “In an effort to control the class, the teacher can be heard warning the students if they can’t behave they will receive Saturday school. This teacher is now dealing with her picture & name being posted all over the Internet — because she asked them to behave in class.”

That same Twitter user also noted the following: “Further context: the student news video was 10 mins long, it shared graduation information, interviews with students, sports recap, and videos reflecting on their school year. This video clip about Pride was a 1-min segment during the episode.”

Another Twitter account posted what it claimed is the Pride clip shown at Edison High School:

  • Martin says:

    You want my freedom? How about I take yours?

  • Nunya says:

    Shoot, hang and burn this fucking cunt teacher. It’s the only way to solve Americas problem with this faggot bullshit! If you want to be a faggot just shut the fuck up about it and go suck your mothers dick you fucking fag. Nobody fucking cares you goddamn homos…….

  • Slevhammer says:

    Figures it was a school in CA. Parents need to March down to that school and demand that teacher be fired! Get involved parents! Stop this madness pushed on your kids! Other countries are excelling so much further in their schools then America is and this is the reason why.

  • Sparky says:

    Doesn’t matter if it was 10 seconds long…its still inappropriate . Wtf does it have to do with any of the classes . Have a sign up for lbgqrsutvi + for students interested in it…NOT force fed !!

  • EZ says:

    It’s a shame but reality. If you don’t want your child subjected to their perversion, you must pack up and move, see how long these perverts survive on their own without hard working (sane) people supporting them.

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