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Watch: Muslim Mob Terrorizes Christmas Shoppers in Small, Peaceful Tennessee City

A Muslim mob of pro-Palestinian militants terrorized shoppers on Christmas Eve in the small city of Collierville, Tennessee.

“You should be ashamed!” the Muslim militants shouted at shoppers as others repeatedly honked their car horns.

One KWAM listener said the Muslim militants “clogged the streets to prevent shopper ingress/egress and unleashed individual terrorists out to run up and down the sidewalks with Palestinian flags.”

“As a Collierville citizen, I strongly believe and support the First and Second Amendment rights of every American citizen,” conservative leader Justin Johnson told KWAM. “Protests should not be intrusive and dangerous to drivers, shoppers or the protestors.”

“This was irresponsible and not appropriate for the time or place,” Johnson said. “As a Christian I support Israel and their sovereign right to defend themselves against the barbaric terrorist attack from Hamas.”

Additional footage of the Muslim mob terrorizing shoppers in a peaceful community:

Muslim militants disrupted Christmas shopping across the nation.

Thousands of pro-Palestinian protestors took over the streets of Manhattan and interrupted Christmas shopping on “Super Saturday.”


  • Rooney says:

    Making people hate you is plain stupid.

  • HR says:

    The 13% is the biggest supporter of this

  • Tyre Doveitall says:

    This is a political influence operation, plain and simple.

    I live in a Canadian city and they did the same thing here, although in the city I live in they waited until the Israeli response to start.

    In 4 Canadian cities where they figured they had the numbers to get away with it, they were out the day Hamas struck, celebrating – literallly.

    It’s a political influence operation designed to not so subtly tell anyone with a pro-Israel opinion to shut up. This is what they do when they think they have the necessary numbers, and we ought to be recognizing the people doing this as the unregistered foreign agents they are and deporting them.

    If you migrated here and care nothing about what goes on in the country you supposedly adopted, and only about what happens in the West Bank or Gaza Strip, then you are not an “American” or a “Canadian”. You’re a foreign agent of influence, unregistered.

    We need to put a stop to this.

  • Ted says:

    Where the hell were the damn police ?

  • Frank says:

    Although the invasion is still going on, they feel they have enough in place to began third world tactics…and as you can see small communities’ are also a target, only a matter of time before they show up with weapons



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