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Watch: Joe Biden Snaps at Reporter When Asked About Payments He Received from Hunter

Joe Biden spoke to the press for the first time since the revelation that he received direct payments from one of his son’s shady businesses. That news broke in the face of the president’s repeated denials over the years claiming that he had zero connections to Hunter Biden’s dealings.

When faced with the glaring contradiction, Joe Biden freaked out, doubling down and storming out of the press conference.

The problem with being senile is that it gets in the way of being a good liar. It has been proven through numerous pieces of evidence that Joe Biden met directly with his son’s business associates. In one case, a Russian oligarch was even granted dinner with the then-vice president after she paid Hunter Biden $3.5 million.

There is also direct testimony, including from Devon Archer, showing that Joe Biden would routinely end up on the phone during his son’s business meetings. Other times, Hunter Biden would be with a client and his father would just so happen to call in to talk about “the weather.”

On that front, the most recent report shows that the now-president had 327 different such encounters. As many have speculated, it appears the real goal was to show that Joe Biden was involved and that the influence-peddling operation was sound.

Long story short, it is not a “bunch of lies” to say that Joe Biden interacted with his son’s business partners. We know he did, and the fact that he continues to blatantly lie about it is astonishing.

It’s so astonishing that even CNN did a report exposing it earlier in the year.

  • Morbius says:

    Standing orders from the lawyer – Do not try to engage on questions about Hunter business (because you are too old and stupid to handle it) – if they ask those questions turn and walk away (he’s a hider now).

  • steve says:

    The 2 Obidens NEED TO BE LOCKED UP ASFP. Hunter & his dad are Nothing but Lying pos that Made money & took Bribes from the Foreign Countries & abusing his Power as VP. And obuma Needs to be Impeached & Lose his Benefits for accessory of this Crime, He knew all about it & was even seen at some of the Dinners with them.

  • Tank says:

    So where’s all the indictments and gag orders and trials for these sumbitches

  • DeniseRS says:

    Impeach this Pedo China-man Joe Biden. Enough is enough!



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