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Watch: Hannity Visibly Frustrated as RFK Jr. Dismantles Ukraine Talking Points

On Tuesday night Democrat presidential candidate joined Sean Hannity on FOX News for a town hall event.

During the hour-long show, Kennedy continued to gain the approval of the FOX News audience that repeatedly broke out in applause to his positions and ideas for America’s future.

At one point Sean Hannity began grilling Robert Kennedy on the US support for the War in Ukraine. And, once again, the crowd was on his side.

Kennedy pointed out that it was the US and Biden administration that thwarted several attempts for a a peace agreement with Russia. Hannity disagreed. But it was Kennedy who won this debate with the audience.

Kennedy Jr. focused his comments on exposing NATO’s role in pushing Moscow into a corner, given its historic expansion east and turning Ukraine into a proxy, but Hannity sought to interrupt him multiple times

“Because of our pushing the Ukraine into the war—” RFK had begun, before the Fox host interrupted with, “We pushed them into it or did Putin invade?”

According to the response:

“Well, let me answer your question,” replied Kennedy Jr., who then accused the U.S. of sabotaging the Minsk agreements in 2014 and 2015, which aimed to end the Donbas war yet largely failed to stop the fighting between Russian separatists and Ukraine’s armed forces.

“Putin, in good faith, began withdrawing troops from the Ukraine. What happened? We sent Boris Johnson over there to torpedo it because we don’t want peace. We want the war with Russia,” he argued, drawing applause from the audience.

Kennedy then harped on the clearly documented history of NATO expansion east, and further highlighted that Ukraine is undergoing NATO militarization right on Russia’s border. There was also this moment:

Hannity: “Do you trust Putin? Why are you blaming America’s role in this? Putin to me is an evil murdering dictator thug.”

RFK Jr: “On two occasions the Russians tried to sign a peace agreement. You do not need to make an enemy out of Russia. We won the Cold War.”

He also emphasized that Russia is going to do anything not to lose. “It would be like us losing a war to Mexico,” RFK Jr. said. “They are not going to lose the war.”


  • Don says:

    I stopped following Hannity some years ago, I think it was Trump was running in 2016. Like O’Reilly, he constantly interrupts his guests and go to the point where he sounded like a broken record, fast talking and repeating the same shit over and over and over.
    Maybe its just me, but he gets on my nerves with that crap. Maybe because I’m old, I’m sick of buffoons.
    I’m sure the left is wringing their hands and gnashing their teeth over RFK Jr. I will support Trump, but this guy is for real and knows his history and is a good debater. Something that is like kryptonite to Superman in today’s Democrat party.
    The left can all burn in hell for what they have done to our country.
    Not the country I’ve grown up in since 1940. I’m embarrassed over what it is now.

  • Iwa says:

    Every time someone show reasonable thinking he/she is accused of being Putin’s agent. In 1:01min. Hannity ask “do you trust Putin?” …. can we trust American gov????? American broke more promises than Putin and Americans committed more atrocities and killed people more than Putin.

  • Iwa says:

    Corporations that want to take over Russian natural resources land want this war.

  • maga24 says:

    Fk Hannity, and Fk FOX.

  • Ric says:

    Hannity is such a warmonger.



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