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Watch: Hamas Spokesman Storms Out of BBC Interview

A top Hamas official stormed out of an interview with the BBC this week after he was asked about the heinous war crimes that the terrorist group committed against Israeli citizens earlier this month where more than 1,400 people were murdered and hundreds were kidnapped.

The BBC’s Middle East correspondent Hugo Bachega interviewed Ghazi Hamad on Thursday about the October 7 massacre — which primarily targeted innocent civilians.

The interview came after the terrorists kidnapped Holocaust survivors, raped women, beheaded children, and burned infants alive to the point where their bodies could not be identified.

“There was no command to kill any civilians,” Hamad claimed. “The area there is very wide, there are many people there, and there were clashes and confrontations.”

“It’s not confrontation, you invaded houses,” Bachega responded.

“I can tell you we did not have any intention or decision to kill civilians,” Hamad claimed.

“How do you justify killing people as they sleep, families?” Bachega countered.

Hamad ripped off his microphone, tossed it aside, and declared that the interview was over. “I want to stop this interview,” he said.

There is overwhelming evidence that the terrorists were instructed to murder as many civilians as possible and to inflict heinous crimes against them that has earned them comparisons to ISIS.

One captured Hamas terrorist told interrogators that the terrorists were “beheading people, having sex with dead bodies, meaning, the body of a dead young woman.” When asked by interrogators if the terrorists did that, the captured terrorist responded, “Yes.”


  • D says:

    So if the network would not believe his lies, he did not want to talk anymore. Nothing but lying scum.

  • Frank says:


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